Those who don’t know history…

Are we doomed to repeat?


All of a sudden, folks are talking about the GOP nod for the U.S. Senate race. That is not a bad thing.


Mark Warner, Mr. “Radical Centrist”, has been 5% centrist and 95% radical in his voting record:


-He has voted with Harry Reid over 95% of the time.

-He voted for Obamacare.

-He voted for corporate bailouts.

-He hiked taxes as Governor.


From his time as a Congressional intern to the millions he made off of sensitive government information, Mark Warner has certainly been a creature of Washington and has hastened the decline of the US economy and US power in general.


The question is: who do we send up to face him?


Warner will have the Fairfax liberals no matter what. No matter how “centrist” the candidate we nominate, Republicans will NEVER win that bloc.


So let’s nominate someone who is actually conservative to face him and make it a war of ideas. That will bring conservatives out to vote in November, something that eluded both Romney and Cuccinelli.


The two declared candidates, Shak Hill and Howie Lind, are solid, proven conservatives. They would both provide a significant contrast with Warner.


Ed Gillespie, who is reportedly considering a run for the nomination, does bring some heft behind him. And some baggage.


Unfortunately, we’ve seen this act before. And it doesn’t win.


Remember in 2012, when we were told all about Mitt Romney’s epic fundraising prowess?


Or about how electable he was?


They said the fact that he enacted Romneycare (precursor to Obamacare) in Massachusetts wouldn’t hurt. They were wrong.


They said the fact that he raised taxes wouldn’t hurt. They were wrong.


Romney wasn’t a bad guy, just like Gillespie isn’t a bad guy. It’s not personal. But Republicans don’t win when they don’t nominate conservatives.


Problem here is, Ed is no conservative.


In 2006, in his Gillespie wrote in his book “Winning Right” that “every emancipated adult” should be “capable of providing for his or her health care” and one “way to accomplish this is to use the tax code to gain compliance.”


Sound like the individual mandate in Obamacare?


In 2007, he was so on board with raising taxes as a part of the HB 3202 unconstitutional transportation bill, that he reportedly strongarmed conservative challengers out of primaries to state senate Republicans who backed the bill.


Tax hikes and hostility to conservatives in one fell swoop. Does that sound “conservative” to you?


There is more- including very vocal support for amnesty, TARP bailouts, and a long history of lobbying for government goodies for one special interest group or another. And if I could find that from one Google search, you better believe Mark Warner can.


If you are a conservative planning on going to the convention, just ask yourself: Does this sound like a record YOU would want to defend against Mark Warner, or do you think we can do better- with a candidate without baggage who can make Warner’s broken record the focus?


Me too.


7 thoughts on “Those who don’t know history…

  1. Cool hit piece Steven Thomas. Would have thought Georgetown would have taught you better than to just cobble together quotes in a discriminatory manner that are vague and then selectively interpret what it says by making claims such as “Sound like the individual mandate in Obamacare?” Your augment is as believable as the last candidate you worked for claiming she was “Pro-gun.” Needless to say, she had the votes to back up her anti-gun credentials while I don’t see much here that plausibly proves Gillespie is anything you claim. The reason being, this article has an abundance of claims, but very little substance to support said claims. One last thing, it’s pretty laughable you’re making the assertion you know who is the “conservative” option when the last campaign you worked on was for one of the most anti-gun politicians in the history of the Virginia Republican party…doesn’t sound like you are very credible on this subject.

  2. Nice try Ron. The last candidate I worked for was Bishop Jackson, who no one ever would have characterized as anything but conservative. So spin me another one.

    1. You know I am referring to Jeannemarie Devolites Davis. I remember listening to you at a committee meeting claiming she was “pro-gun” because she owned a firearm. Last time I checked, Joe Biden also owns a firearm…doesn’t mean he is pro-gun. So again, I question your credibility on the whole more “conservative” than thou diatribe.

  3. Again, claiming to know me better than I do is a losing battle Ron. Not when some of the liberal rags in the state have called me a “government-hating nutzie” and other things. Sorry buddy, your accusation just doesn’t wash.

    I will point out however that the whole “attack the attacker” thing is a very prominent sign of being a DC-based consultant. I mean, God forbid anyone question the Great and Powerful Oz.

    And just what does the Republican electorate think of Ed? Why, that’s already been polled…

  4. Still don’t see citations, would have thought a fancy school like Georgetown would have taught you how to do something so simple. If it was me, I would ask for my money back.

    1. So, are you going to start posting as Steven Thomas then? Because I am pretty sure that’s the only way that would be fair…otherwise its just a double standard.

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