Bill Introduced in House of Delegates Targeting Drive-by Candidates

Delegate Randy Minchew has drafted a bill that addresses the “move-in the district scams” (or as I like to call them, “Drive-by Candidates”) we have seen in the 33rd Senate District over the past couple months first made popular by Dave Marsden and his famous futon. It is well established that both Jennifer Wexton and former Delegate Joe May “moved” (envision Dr. Evil air quotes here) in to the 33rd just to run for this seat, it matters not that it was “just down the road”.

Jennifer Wexton left her husband and children living in their home outside the 33d Dictrict to rent a room with her close lawyer friend Lindsay Hendrix just so she could run for office.

As Riley asked some months ago:

What kind of person moves out of her home and into an apartment, leaving her husband and children there, just so she can get residency in a new senate district?

My answer to that — someone whose priorities in life are grossly out of whack.

Joe May and his wife also moved into the 33 district just days before the filing deadline. Likely neither has any intention to stay when they lose. This legislation will temper the outright abuse and fraud we are seeing today.


Elections; qualifications of candidates; residency of candidates for General Assembly. Provides that a person seeking to qualify as a candidate for the General Assembly, who establishes residency in a General Assembly district in which he was not previously a resident within 60 days prior to either the primary or general election for the office, shall be permitted to use his new domicile to serve as his residency for purposes of candidate qualification for that office upon a finding of a circuit court that there is clear and convincing evidence of an intent to abandon the prior domicile and an intent to make the new domicile his permanent residency regardless of the outcome of the election. The provisions of this section shall not apply in the year a decennial redistricting law is enacted.


4 thoughts on “Bill Introduced in House of Delegates Targeting Drive-by Candidates

  1. I support Randy’s effort but as has been the case, it is the challenge to someone’s residency that is the problem. Ron Speakman, who ran for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, was proven to be a carpetbagger via a four month long investigation. Unfortunately, the results of which were only delivered after the general election which luckily Speakman lost.

    Dick Black also was a carpetbagger during his recent run for the Senate. So if Randy’s initiative is going to have any real bearing on this important issue the challenge and investigation side of the equation needs to be addressed.

  2. There were some others as well. As I recall Stevens Miller moved into Tom Rust’s district to run for the House of Delegates in 2009. Fortunately, that was a good Republican year and didn’t result in a turnover.

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