Where Do Wexton and May Really Live?

Randy Minchew is observing the shenanigans of both Joe May and Jennifer Wexton and has decided that the fiction that they live in the 33rd District must end. This is akin to Hillary Clinton’s declaration that she has always been a Yankee Fan. The text of bill can be found here:

1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding a section numbered 24.2-500.1 as follows:
§ 24.2-500.1. Residency as qualification for candidacy.

A person who seeks to qualify as a candidate for the General Assembly and establishes residency in a General Assembly district in which he was not previously a resident within 60 days prior to either the primary or general election for the office shall be allowed use his new domicile to serve as his residency for purposes of candidate qualification for that office upon a finding of the circuit court having jurisdiction in the locality of the claimed domicile that there is clear and convincing evidence that he had the intent to abandon his prior domicile and the intent to make his new domicile his permanent residence regardless of the outcome of the election. The provisions of this section shall not be applicable in the year a decennial redistricting law is enacted.

May and Wexton do not live in the 33rd, they are both temporarily renting or subletting residences in the 33rd and their families continue to live elsewhere.  Talk about trying to buy an election.  The common term for this sort of residence-hopping is fraud.  This is rank carpet bagging and I applaud Randy Minchew for this bit of common sense legislation.  The last time something this foul occurred was when the much un-lamented Stevens Miller ‘moved’ east to run against Tom Rust.

An example of how a residence is properly established is when Dick Black actually did change residence, sold his home and purchased his new residence prior to his election in the 13VA Senate Republican Primary — unlike May, Wexton and Miller who were trolling for a seat in a legislature: any seat, any legislature.

Electing to public service opportunistic gold diggers who want to wield power is not in the public’s best interest.  Wexton and May are rank opportunists.  Considering that we just elected a carpet bagger from New York our governor, whose stated purpose for this was to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, maybe the electorate needs to consider what is really in its best interest and send a message to these opportunists.


Kudos to Leesburg Today for running this story:

Of the three candidates, two are rumored to not live in the 33rd District—Democrat Jennifer Wexton and Independent Joe T. May.

Its no rumor sunshine, they do not live in the 33rd, they are carpet baggers, nothing more.   This issue is neither Republican nor Democrat.  It is people v. money and power.  What is sad is ol’ Stevens Miller, who was tossed from the LCDC a few years ago could not help but show up a comment a Leesburg today and try to justify himself by attacking Dick Black.


3 thoughts on “Where Do Wexton and May Really Live?

  1. Virginia has a residency requirement. Time and again Candidates do not seem to care. Hopefully we can make the requirement stronger with Minchew’s bill.

    The current law is nearly impossible to enforce. Thus we get a special election with three names on the ballot, only one of which truly lives in the district.

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