Roanoke College Polls US Senate Race

…and the most accurate Virginia off-year pollster has this to say:

In a very early test of a possible November match-up, Senator Mark Warner leads Republican Ed Gillespie by almost 30 points (50%-21%)

Ouch. But there is a bit more interesting here:

 President Barack Obama’s favorable rating is 47 percent (43% unfavorable), which is slightly lower than in the October 30, 2013 Roanoke College Poll. Former Governor Bob McDonnell finished his term at 43 percent, up 3 percent from October 30, while Terry McAuliffe begins his term as Governor with a 36 percent favorable rating (22% unfavorable). Senator Mark Warner has a favorable rating of 47 percent, down 10 percent from September, and Senator Tim Kaine sits at 40 percent, a decline of 8 points since September. Ed Gillespie, former Republican National Committee Chair and potential Senate candidate, has only a 6 percent favorable rating, with 13 percent unfavorable, but three-fourths (75%) of Virginians do not know enough about him to have an opinion.

So, Warner is slipping and is vulnerable, but Gillespie (6% approval rating) would do roughly the same as Jim Gilmore did in 2008 against him. And Kaine better thank his lucky stars he doesn’t face the voters soon.

Puts the electability argument in a different perspective.


12 thoughts on “Roanoke College Polls US Senate Race

  1. Ed’s favorable rating is 6% and you think Warner is vulnerable???????? hohohoho……..have you been visiting Colorado or something?????

    1. Wow, I think I have to agree with Ken Reynolds. IF Ed is the nominee Warner is safe. Despite the hosannas he is getting from RINO central. Sounds like the Chomb talking.

  2. (shrugs) it’s early. If this was a poll done in October, I would be worried. Bottom line for me: Warner voted for Obamacare. I will not be voting for Warner.

  3. Give people a credible alternative and anything is possible. Even if Warner ends up winning, a strong run by Gillespie could force the Democrats to spend money in VA — which they presumed to be a shoe-in — rather than spend money in WV, NC, LA, AR, AK, MT, SD, etc.

    1. How about we actually try to beat Warner? He has Obamacare hanging around his neck, and his record after 6 years is that of a puppy following pappa Harry Reid around whimpering for a pat on his head.

  4. Robert, I agree 100%! My only point is that a competitive VA race will complicate Democrat efforts in races that (should) result in GOP pickups. By all means, we should compete in VA and I don’t see why we can’t win in VA. This is not a blue state to be lost forever. It may be a darker shade of purple at the moment, but it is by no means gone and out of the GOP’s reach forever. Anyone who thinks VA is going to be forever blue, in my view, is foolish.

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