Mark Warner – Obama’s Rubber Stamp 97% Of The Time

Here’s something shocking to consider. Out of ten competitive Senate races in 2014 where a Democrat has a congressional voting record, only one candidate has voted to rubber stamp the Obama agenda more than Mark Warner. That would be Jeanne Shaheen of NH, who is now locked in a tie with fmr. U.S. Sen. Scott Brown of MA who just moved to NH last year and hasn’t even made a decision on whether to enter the race or not.

Here, in state alphabetical order, is how each of these Democratic candidates shakes out in terms of their percentage voting with the president as well as the president’s approval rating in their states:

1. Mark Begich, Alaska: Votes with Obama 94%, Obama approval in AK 40%.
2. Mark Pryor, Arkansas: Votes with Obama 93%, Obama approval in AR 36%.
3. Mark Udall, Colorado: Votes with Obama 96%, Obama approval in CO 39%.
4. Bruce Braley, Iowa: Votes with Obama 87%, Obama approval in IA 39%.
5. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana: Votes with Obama 95%, Obama approval in LA 38%.
6. Gary Peters, Michigan: Votes with Obama 88%, Obama approval in MI 39%.
7. Kay Hagan, North Carolina: Votes with Obama 94%, Obama approval in NC 40%.
8. Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire: Votes with Obama 98%, Obama approval in NH 33%.
9. Jeff Merkley, Oregon: Votes with Obama 95%, Obama approval in OR 44%.
10. Mark Warner, Virginia: Votes with Obama 97%, Obama approval in VA 42%.

That’s right, Mark Warner was a rubber stamp for the President 97% of the time.

Let me repeat that.

97 percent

Some independent / raging moderate Mark Warner turned out to be. Using polling methodology, that other 3% of the time is considered “margin of error.”

Now for the truly scary part. When his actual voting record is compared to his 99 senate colleagues the one with the closest match turns out to be — ultra liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

As Mark Warner is unmasked as the Chuck Schumer clone that he is, his reelect numbers (already down to just 50% in the three most recent polls) will continue to drop.

Is it any wonder Democrats have already hit the panic button in this race, believing that the entrance of Robert Sarvis as the Libertarian Party candidate will split the GOP vote and assure Warner of a victory even if he falls below 50%?

Funny thing about that.  In the 2013 gubernatorial race, exit polls showed that Sarvis took the bulk of his votes from Terry McAuliffe, not Ken Cuccinelli. That might have something to do with the fact that Sarvis didn’t take very libertarian positions – expanding Medicaid in the state as part of Obamacare, increasing taxes, and shunning the Austrian school of economics. Don’t forget, Sarvis’s biggest donor was a Texas Democrat and a major Obama supporter.

Mark Warner has a voting record now and he will be made to account for it – something he has never had to do before.


10 thoughts on “Mark Warner – Obama’s Rubber Stamp 97% Of The Time

  1. I’m not sure what factor Sarvis would play in this race. One of the biggest reasons he did as well as he did in the Gov race last year was because the race was so bitter, nasty, partisan and full and mud that had been tossed around by both sides. In this case, I’m not sure how much support he would attract (and if he did, is it possible he would attract more Dems than GOP?) Should make thinking interesting . At the same time, doesn’t Sarvis have ANYTHING ELSE he could do with his time? Again, should be an interesting race and Warner is about as big a shoe-in as George Allen was this time in 2006.

  2. Mark is his own man intellectually and has deep pockets to go with it… who should he rubber stamp? Sarah Palin, Mark Rubio, Chris Christie, Gomer?

  3. Sen. Mark Warner is a well-liked Senator, & was recently endorsed by Sen. John Warner (Repub). If the Repub’s main attack on Mark Warner is that he “votes with Obama 97% of the time,” good luck with that. If Sen. Mark Warner’s favorable are around 50% now, with no set Repub candidate & before he starts actively campaigning, those numbers should go up once the campaign is in full swing. Didn’t the Republicans use a variation of that tactic this past November and fail (e.g., “McAuliffe supports Obamacare!!”)?

    VA has a strong tradition in the last 30 years of often electing moderate (or perceived-to-be-moderate) politicians from both sides of the aisle to serve in the U.S. Senate (e.g., Mark Warner, John Warner, Jim Webb, Chuck Robb, Paul Trible). Other recent VA Senators such as Tim Kaine & George Allen campaigned as moderates. Far right (and far left) politicians seem unable to win a U.S. Senate seat in VA. VA Repub’s will undoubtedly continue its recent trend of nominating a far right ideologue as the Repub candidate, which will appease the party faithful. But on election day, such candidate will again be rejected by a majority of VA voters.

  4. “Didn’t the Republicans use a variation of that tactic this past November and fail (e.g., “McAuliffe supports Obamacare!!”)?” They did and McA’s lead in the polls (which were double-digits) collapsed. He ultimately won by 50K or so votes and only 2% (and failed to garner 50% + of the vote). I will also note that exit polls indicated that a majority of Virginia voters were opposed to the ACA/ObamaCare. Additionally, I have doubts that the CBO report that came out yesterday (and the WHs pathetic response to it) will do much to endear the law to moderate and middle-class voters, not to mention people from all walks of life who, you know, WORK for a living and are getting squeezed harder and harder with each passing day.

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