Silly Season in the 10th – UPDATED

Yesterday, the 8th person announced their candidacy for the Republican nomination for the House of Republicans in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Inside the beltway Congressional staffer Rob Wasinger announced by taking a swing at the front runner, Del. Barbara Comstock:

“She’s a liberal masquerading as a conservative, and I find it disgusting,” Wasinger said of Comstock.

To which the 10th District responded with a resounding “Who are you again?”

Harverd? Where's that?
Harverd? Where’s that?


And what exactly is a “Rebublican”?


Wasinger may be best known to voters in Kansas, where he was a failed congressional candidate in 2010. The journeyman candidate is hoping Virginia’s 10th district will take this time.

Wasinger’s announcement coincidentally comes the same day that someone leaked their oppo research file to the Daily Caller, calling into question Comstock’s conservative credentials. The file, cut and paste information that’s already been shared by anonymous Facebook accounts trolling local Republican pages, ignores facts, stretches for connections that don’t exist, generally doesn’t present any new information, and shows how downright desperate this race is getting before it’s really gotten rolling.

It’s also a pretty embarrassing attack for whoever made it considering that it comes a day after liberal Talking Points Memo rehashed the Democratic oppo research on Comstock, calling her a “Ex-GOP Attack Dog”. Because, you know, she’s a liberal squish. The attack was tempered by a beautiful quote from CNU political science professor Quintin Kidd, who calls it like he sees it:

“I don’t want to call her the perfect candidate,” Christopher Newport University political science professor Quentin Kidd told TPM. “But for this race at this time given the state of the Virginia Republican party I think she’s as perfect a candidate as Republicans could come up with.”

Even an associate editor at TPM had to admit that Comstock “is kind of a badass”:

And she's all out of bubble gum.
And she’s all out of bubble gum.

These attacks on Comstock’s right flank, striving desperately to find a sliver of daylight, aren’t new. And they certainly aren’t the last. Just a week ago, Stephen “Finger In The Wind” Hollingshead’s campaign ran a push poll who’s results found that despite the race just getting started, Comstock is already showing up very strongly against any of her potential contenders. The most telling part of that survey and its results:

By a 2-to-1 margin the voters surveyed would prefer that the Republican nominee be based in Leesburg rather than McLean.

Hollingshead opened his campaign headquarters in Leesburg this week, and is moving his family to Leesburg this week…

Leadership, my friends.

Hollingshead is also perhaps best known for his failed bid for Congress in 1994 against Wisconsin incumbent Tom Barrett.

The GOP Firehouse Primary is April 26th – and can’t come soon enough. Then these antics can stop and we can focus on the issues needed to keep this seat in Republican hands come November.



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  1. Thanks for the analysis and assessment of this race. Wasinger’s entrance into this race is bizarre, but when you have to beat Hollingshead in dishonest spin you are at “belly of the rattlesnake” level.

  2. Frankly, I really don’t care if Comstock worked for Kennedy or not. Lest we forget, Ronald Reagan was a Democrat in his early years and had great admiration for FDR. I’m glad that both saw the light in the end and became conservative Republicans.

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