Fox Reconsiders In The 10th, Calls on Civility

Last week reports came out that Loudoun County School Board Member Bill Fox was going to toss his had in the ring for the Republican nomination in the 10th Congressional District. Today, in a statement to supporter, Fox says he is reconsidering his run:

Unfortunately, we are postponing this evening’s announcement event while my staff, my family and I asses the viability of my campaign.

I would like to thank everyone who showed early support for my potential candidacy for the 10th District Congressional Seat. However, recent developments, specifically the impending announcement from Delegate Bob Marshall, have changed the dynamic of the race. I feel like I need to do what is best for the pro-liberty, limited government movement, and fracturing the vote and the resources associated with that movement cannot possibly be positive.

Bob Marshall’s entry in the race would certainly change the landscape, especially among those trying to run to the right of Barbara Comstock. But of particular note in Fox’s statement is his push back on the negativity of the race, particularly on the issue of life.

In addition, it is becoming very apparent that one of the only ways to gain ground in a race this short is to go negative, and I am absolutely unwilling to get involved in the mudslinging in a primary, as that hurts both the movement AND the party. I would encourage those who are remaining in the race to tread lightly on the negativity front.

Finally, I would encourage the remaining candidates and their supporting activists to refrain from trying to “out-pro-life” each other. We are all pro-life here. There is absolutely no reason to force the conversation on this issue so far to the right that it becomes a liability during the general election. Let’s learn from our mistakes, get through this primary, and unite behind the victor so that we can keep the 10th red.

Thank you, again for all of your support.

Two campaigns come to mind when calling out negativity: Stephen Hollingshead – who started his campaign with a negative push poll in the district that told him to move to Leesburg – and Rob Wasinger – who’s campaign has been comically inept at astroturfing his rollout and has come out swinging with misrepresentations and lies about Comstock’s record on life in an effort to finally win a Congressional seat (since he didn’t have much luck in Kansas in 2010).

The voters of the 10th Congressional District deserve better than these antics. Good on Bill Fox for calling it out.


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  1. Seriously, if all of the candidates are pro-life, then why not rally around the one that has the best shot at winning in November? Debate from within the ranks is reasonable enough, but what good is it if we nominate someone who would only lose to a Democrat? Why cut off our nose to spite our face? I despise the War on Women montra for two reasons 1) it’s liberal BS and 2) it’s EFFECTIVE liberal BS. Why on God’s green earth should we nominate someone who plays into that montra and into the hands of Democrats?

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