The Anatomy of a Takedown of a Takedown

Shaun Kenney’s post over at Bearing Drift is an epic read of exactly how misinformation is being developed into an attack on Del. Barbara Comstock on behalf of challenger for the Republican nomination in the 10th Congressional District, Rob Wasinger.

The problem is – it’s trying to fire up national pro-life bloggers without all the facts, “dragging good people into the wrong fight,” as Kenney said in his post.

The gist is this:

Wasinger started his campaign last week calling Comstock “disgusting” and trying to out-pro-life her because, you know, ‘merica. In his efforts to do so he has astroturfed an effort against her that is based on misinformation and lies.

That misinformation leads to an article that is quickly retracted, leaving the author (who also happened to be a donor to Wasinger’s 2010 Congressional campaign in Kansas, Virginia) scrambling after the fact to try and verify the information (spoiler alert – it won’t happen).

But that’s not all: not one, not two, but THREE outlets are trying to run this story that Wasinger has already written for them, only now they’re trying to at least appear like they’re trying to get their facts straight before pulling the trigger.

Here’s the thing – there’s no “there” there.

And when Shaun Kenney, who’s pro-life bonafides are unquestionable, says there’s no “there” there, folks stand up and take notice.

This is the issue when people who aren’t in touch with the district and state wade into fights they know little about. Wasinger’s campaign has been caught time and time again in just FIVE DAYS since he announced – from roll out issues to astroturf issues and now to trying to wage a “I’m more pro-life than they are” campaign when he has absolutely no resume to speak of to back it up (aside from trying to convince social conservatives that John McCain and John Huntsman were the best conservatives this side of Barry Goldwater).

It’s gotten bad enough that potential candidate Bill Fox has said “cut it out”.

Wasinger would be wise to listen.


9 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Takedown of a Takedown

  1. He’s a delusional con-artist. Why didn’t Sam Brownback ever endorse him for KS-01? Wasinger quit working for the “accidental congressman” because the campaign was in debt and the primary challenger has raised $1 million plus. He is touting a headline characterizing him as a “conservative alternative.” NEWSFLASH: They only used that headline because that’s how your characterize yourself.

  2. Wasinger is an embarrassment to our party, the 10th district, and even Catholicism. His continued deception makes me wonder whether he is being paid by liberals to smear Barbara and run against her, because she is such a formidable candidate and the one to beat. Go back to Kansas, Toto!

  3. Well, one can only hope that Republicans can see through all of the smoke and mirrors. The Democrats are becoming increasingly desperate and so long as we keep our eyes on the ball, they will go down to defeat in November.

  4. I very rarely feel compelled to comment on a blog but this is important. Barbara Comstock is a rock solid conservative and I feel very comfortable that she is a reliable pro-lifer- and not an angry one either.

    She really understands the actual spirit of “Catholic social justice” (which can be a scary sounding phrase because of how some have distorted it) but when applied through the proper lens it is obvious that all lives are worth it and we are all prompted to allow individuals to build themselves up and not create a cycle of dependency.

    I was very lucky to participate with the Human Rights council at the UN a few years back and it didn’t take long to see how quickly others around us distort human dignity, freedom, and paint conservatives as extremists. Not only is she an active pro-lifer but she also understands “pro-life” in the much greater context of allowing the human mind to flourish through greater independence.

    We do not need and do not want fellow conservatives distorting Republican records and blurring definitions.

    1. Well said. Asking for clarification on a vote in a responsible manner is always appreciated, but that is not what is happening with these Wasinger/Weinburg AKA Lamb Chop accusations. It’s a smear, and a distortion of the facts, and not appreciated.

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