Barbara Comstock for Congress

Some time ago, this blog endorsed Barbara Comstock for the Republican nomination for the 10th Congressional District. Since then, a new entrant, Bob Marshall, has garnered a lot of attention – and deservedly so. That does not change our position, however. Delegate Comstock is still our preferred choice for the seat.

To be fair, Bob Marshall has done yeoman’s work for all Virginia taxpayers in his 20-plus years as a Delegate. In fact, that’s the problem: the House of Representatives is a far different body, one in which individual members have far less power than legislators do in Richmond. If Bob were running for the Senate, we might react differently, but he’s not.

Moreover, Barbara Comstock is not your typical “Establishment” Republican in Virginia. Last year – as a Fairfax County Delegate with nearly every interest group screaming, begging, and cajoling her to support Plan ’13 From Outer Space – she said No. If she is the now the model for the Republican Establishment in the Commonwealth, than perhaps said establishment really has learned a thing or two after all.

In other words, assuming this comes down to Comstock and Marshall (and given the rest of the field, it almost certainly will), it is in fact a battle between two genuine supporters of limited government. The question is this: would Virginia be better served by Comstock in Washington and Marshall in Richmond? Or the other way around?

The answer is obvious. Virginia would lose far more than it could possibly gain if Marshall is sent to Congress. Better for him to stay where he is most valuable (Richmond), while Comstock can continue standing up for taxpayers in her own, quiet way in Washington.


9 thoughts on “Barbara Comstock for Congress

  1. You based this analysis on the assumption that both Comstock and Marshall can win the VA-10 general election. Do you really think Marshall can win the precincts in eastern Loudon County and Fairfax County (which is essential for winning VA-10)?
    Since Comstock has already proven she can win in those areas, your endorsement analysis would be better served by including the electability factor.

    1. Marshall has won such precincts in the 13th HOD Dist. numerous times because he is one of the most knowledgable candidates when it comes to transportation policy. Don’t forget, he was a staffer for a Dem congressman alongside another staffer by the name of Jim Oberstar who went on to become the House Transportation Cmte. chairman himself.

  2. (Different Anonymous) I support what has been said here. I like both candidates, and I agree that Marshall would serve us all better by remaining in Richmond.

  3. Of course Marshall can win precincts in the 13th HOD District. That’s his PWC home turf, so what other result would you expect.
    But it would be foolish to assume VA-10’s other population centers Loudon and Fairfax Counties will trend the same as the 13th. Marshall doesn’t stand a chance in these other VA-10 areas and won’t be able to make up the difference with his PWC base.

  4. The electibility factor like McCain and Romney?….I will be supporting Marshall and Lind….best person for the job in my book, plain and simple. I remember when they said Dick Black could not win the state senate seat and that we must vote for whoever that insider was…Dick Black won and so can Marshall and Lind…we should put the best conservtive candidate up for election…

    1. How about the electability factor of Comstock in ’09, ’11, and ’13? She has already proven she can raise money and win in the blue/purple areas of northern Fairfax and eastern Loudon that will dominate the VA-10 electorate. Neither Marshall or Lind can raise the money necessary to successfully campaign in the areas.

  5. From 2008 to present, Bob Marshall has missed 1,039 votes. When he ran for Senate in 2008 and 2012, he missed a total of 568 votes! Some of his missed votes are truly shocking. He’s missed votes to keep predators from kids (HB233); he’s missed votes to put meth peddlers behind bars (HB931); he’s missed votes to shut down X-rated drinking establishments (HB1171); he’s even missed votes to give tax breaks to businesses (HB1388) ( No wonder they call him Bob “MIA” Marshall in Richmond. Marshall has been paid $25,000 per year for his two-month vacation in historic Richmond. But now he wants a promotion?

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