Rob Wasinger – SQUISH

So, 10th Dist. GOP congressional candidate Rob Wasinger was Jon Huntsman’s Deputy Campaign Manager.

Jon Huntsman.

The Obama-loving, Obama-handpicked ambassador to China who supports same-sex marriage and embryonic stem cell research.

Whether you support any of those positions or not, Rob Wasinger claims that he does not.

So why then, out of all the Republican candidates running for president in 2012, did Wasinger pick Huntsman to work for?  WHY?

Sort of shoots down his creds as being “the conservative alternative” in the 10th Dist.

(Unless he means that he is the alternative TO conservatives like Comstock and Marshall.)

What a squish. Get that RINO out of my sight…


8 thoughts on “Rob Wasinger – SQUISH

  1. As i see it, you republicans are always changing your minds….first of all because you are continually behind the times in your thoughts and actions……… only need look at 47 percenter Romney who did numerous switches since the time he was Governor of Massachusetts………..

  2. Continually behind the times in thought and action….so believing in freedom and liberty, the right to life and the prusuit of happyness…believing in working hard, achieving, and keeping what we earn, raising a family and having faith in God, that’s all behind the times. Hmm…Good to know. If that is behind the times that I am proud to have that kind of mindset!

  3. what the heck is wrong with motherhood (fatherhood for that matter) and apple pie? Beats the heck out of meaningless multiple partner sex and bean sprouts!

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