Dave Brat: Against Politicizing The Debt Ceiling Hike Before He Was For it

Yesterday, Eric Cantor took a bullet for the team and voted for a “clean” hike in the debt ceiling. As Cantor said in a statement:

Republicans are the only ones who acknowledge our debt crisis and have repeatedly attempted to help reverse the dangerous spending trend in Washington. While controlling only one chamber of one branch, we’ve successfully cut spending and passed bills to encourage economic growth. It is clear that President Obama and Congressional Democrats prefer to spend more, incur more debt and embrace a new normal of slow economic growth and joblessness, and that is unacceptable. House Republicans need more responsible and willing partners in Washington so we can finally and boldly address our long term debt crisis.”

One of Cantor’s challengers for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, David Brat, decided to come out swinging on the vote, telling Tom White at Virginia Right:

“[W]hat I find most concerning is that Congressman Cantor does not even offer a commitment to put through a clean debt increase this time with a plan to rein in spending in the future.”

Brat must not have gotten Cantor’s statement.

But it’s this coupled with a fundraising email out of Brat that has Justin Higgins calling out Brat for his willingness to have it both ways:

You would think that this means that Dave Brat the economist opposed raising the debt limit in 2011 because it was a blank check for the President. It turns out that Brat wasn’t at all concerned about that angle in 2011, instead writing off the battle of 2011 as being “about politics” and “leverage.”

The interview speaks for itself:

In 2011, David Brat felt the debt ceiling fight wasn’t based on economics, it was political. Now? Well, now he’s running for office and wants to convince the Tea Party that he’s one of them.

Seems like it’s silly season in more than just the 10th district…


3 thoughts on “Dave Brat: Against Politicizing The Debt Ceiling Hike Before He Was For it

  1. So this video, which is .28 seconds long, is the “smoking gun” Cantor’s group is pointing to, to discredit Brat? Flimsy at best. If the debt ceiling was going to raised, why shouldn’t the Republicans, Cantor, gotten some concessions for the deal? If this is Cantor’s silver bullet, he should of taken target practice before firing it.

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