Despite Being Called Out, Wasinger’s Allies Continue To Attack Comstock

Chris Beer at Mason Conservative has a great post that sums up the “not Catholic enough!” attacks on Barbara Comstock and how they’ve gone too far:

Any ventriloquist dummy can get up now and pretend to be something they are not, to deceive activists hungry for a stronger conservative party. The Wasinger stuff is especially repulsive because he is boiling down a faith that cares for the justice and well-being of the innocent and damned equally into some sort of political judgement. This is a man who has no relationship to Northern Virginia, never even been a little league coach must less a leader in the community.

This race is proving that there is, frankly, a certain mania existing in the party. They shout “establishment,” “liberty,” and have no understand what it truly means. They see it as a way to get themselves elected, to lip-sync talking points to activists who really want to hear it with conviction. I can understand not supporting Barbara Comstock, and I hope that Bob Marshall runs an honorable campaign. He has over two decades worth of experience to put before the voters in contrast and let the people judge. I respect Bob Marshall, one of the few men who can look themselves in the mirror knowing they have never compromised themselves. But the attacks on Comstock by candidates who would otherwise never be taken seriously is a concerning development for conservatives in Virginia. Candidates like Wasginger beclown everything we as conservatives have fought for since the end of the Bush administration. Thus far, this race sees like a giant troll on conservatives who for the last four years have been trained to not trust candidates with certain backgrounds, one that Comstock certainly has.

The whole thing is absolutely worth a read.

This post shouldn’t have been written. Not because Chris is wrong to write it, but because the reason for it’s drafting should never have occurred. Bearing Drift called out national Catholic blogs earlier this week when they started being dragged into a fight they weren’t fully informed on. They were given an out, an excuse to walk away, but they chose not to take it.

Instead, the astroturf attacks by were taken verbatim by two otherwise respectable authors and turned into posts that ignore the reality on the ground in Virginia and the 10th Congressional District.

Deal Hudson at, a donor to Rob Wasinger’s 2010 Congressional campaign in Kansas, wrote a story on Saturday, retracted it, then spent Monday trying to verify the content of the story AFTER THE FACT. Now the post is live again. And while the second post contains Comstock’s explanation, Hudson deems it inadequate – partially because the article was already written, he wasn’t looking to be talked out of it. Also, neither the first post nor this one informs readers that Hudson may be biased when it comes to the race in the 10th.

Dustin Siggins at reached out for information on the exact same issue and despite there being no “there” there, then pivoted to the other attack made in an attempt to cover their tails on the attack.

Both of these pieces aren’t only contrary to the views of pro-life movement in Virginia and the 10th District, but it runs in conflict with NARAL’s own view on Comstock.

This is sad on multiple levels.

Otherwise respectable Catholic bloggers are being parachuted into a race to attack a candidate with stellar credentials on behalf of a guy who knows nothing about the people he’s striving to represent. This doesn’t help the pro-life movement: it hurts it.

This isn’t about vetting Comstock. This isn’t about whether or not this hurts her in November. (HINT: It won’t.) This is about a movement loyal to one candidate going to bat against an opponent they knew nothing about.

Chris Beer is right to call out these attacks. Those lobbing the bombs should take a moment to reflect and ask themselves if their actions are what’s best for the pro-life movement or simply for boosting the traffic to their own websites…


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  1. From 2008 to present, Bob Marshall has missed 1,039 votes. When he ran for Senate in 2008 and 2012, he missed a total of 568 votes! Some of his missed votes are truly shocking. He’s missed votes to keep predators from kids (HB233); he’s missed votes to put meth peddlers behind bars (HB931); he’s missed votes to shut down X-rated drinking establishments (HB1171); he’s even missed votes to give tax breaks to businesses (HB1388) ( No wonder they call him Bob “MIA” Marshall in Richmond. Marshall has been paid $25,000 per year for his two-month vacation in historic Richmond. But now he wants a promotion?

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