Is Mark Warner Outing Himself?

What is it with Mark Warner’s seemingly unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber? First, it was making a campaign issue out of deporting Bieber and now it is comparing members of the Tea Party to Justin Bieber fans who are known as “Beliebers.”

All this talk about Justin Bieber coming from a 59-year old U.S. Senator comes across as somewhat creepy. It is almost as if he is outing himself as a repressed / closet Belieber himself.

Could that be the real reason why he didn’t run for President in 2008 despite having opened campaign field offices in Iowa and New Hampshire? Did Hillary Clinton threaten to expose him as a Belieber if he ran and promised to help bury it if he dropped out and ran for something else? Is evidence that he is a Belieber (stemming from reported Belieber listening parties in Shockoe Bottom and Delaware beach houses) sitting in a campaign opposition research handbook somewhere in the Gillespie campaign office, ready to be dropped when the timing is right?

(Caution: Strong language from the movie “Primary Colors” is included in the following video)


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