GOP Narrows It To The “Elite Eight” For 2016 Convention; Cast Your Vote In Our New Poll

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced via Twitter the eight cities that are finalists to host the 2016 Republican National Convention:

The bids are in & we have 8 great cities vying for the 2016 RNC Convention. The finalists are…

Congratulations to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas & Phoenix for moving on to the next phase.

Three cities in Ohio and one each in Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Nevada and Arizona. Not making the final cut were Charlotte, NC and Salt Lake City.

The convention is expected to be held in June or July of 2016, much earlier than the late August / early September time frame the parties had moved to starting back in 2004.

Where would you like the 2016 GOP convention to be held?


5 thoughts on “GOP Narrows It To The “Elite Eight” For 2016 Convention; Cast Your Vote In Our New Poll

  1. One of the great (north) american conservative heroes hails from the great city of TORONTO – MAYOR ROB FORD……………SO I VOTE THE REPUBLICANS HAVE THEIR 2016 CONVENTION IN TORONTO……………

  2. Put it in Cincinnati. While conventions don’t always help you in the state they are held in, if we want to maximize our gains then put it in Cincy.
    Winning Ohio hinges on winning Hamilton County ( where Cincy resides) Bush did it in 04, McCain and Romney did not ( though Romney got around 46% of the vote)
    In fact on that list Cincy is the only city currently represented by a Republican ( two actually!) in the House of Reps.

    1. hohohohoho sorry loser Robert………we won…………….you lost……..I have an idea……….since you didn’t pick up on my suggestion to go to the city of the great conservative Rob Ford, and since many of your political colleagues are beating up on Obama as much as Putin is trying to do, you folks could go to SOCHI for your convention. (incidentally, Obama will put the Ukraine matter to sleep by end of march much as he has done in the many other world conflicts he has addressed!!!)

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