Come to the 11th Dist. Debate on 3/17; Will Geddes Go Goofy Again?

Come join us this coming Monday (March 17th) at the Historic Dumfries Town hall for a “Town hall style” forum with the three declared candidates for the Republican Nomination for Congress in the 11th Congressional District.

The Forum is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM and each Candidate will not only have the opportunity to speak but also answer your questions.

You will get to see:

Gerald Geddes,

Mike Litzelman, and

Suzanne Scholte.

Join Mayor Jerry Foreman of Dumfries at the 11th District Candidate Forum held in the Historic Dumfries Town Hall at 17755 Main Street in Downtown Dumfries, VA.

As someone said to me earlier today, “This debate could be a barn-burner now that Geddes is in an ass-kickin’ mood.” Although I would contend it is closer to this:



3 thoughts on “Come to the 11th Dist. Debate on 3/17; Will Geddes Go Goofy Again?

  1. It appears Shak Hill didn’t enter the race for the 11th. Last week, Geddes went all out in an effort to call Shak a chicken and to call him on board. It’s a shame that Geddes is behaving this way to members of his own party. I think he should save it and use it in the event he has to go against Gerry Connolly. That is the moment when the gloves have to be taken off and one has to fight some serious stupidity.

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