If Gerald Geddes Wants To Fight Shak Hill, Smart Money Is On Shak Hill (UPDATED: Geddes doubles down…)


In a battle of “Who?” versus “Oh, that guy” is popcorn really necessary?

Meet Gerald Geddes. He’s running for the unique pleasure of losing against Gerry Connelly in Virginia’s 11th District. We’d link to his website but his domain appears to have expired yesterday.

You probably haven’t heard of him. So he decided to try and earn some media with a bizarre email that, well, let’s go to the tape:

An open letter to Shak Hill, Steve Thomas and Chris Farmer:
If Shak joins my race I will kick his skinny butt all over VAs 11th district.
I’ll enjoy knocking Shak’s soft teeth down his whining throat.

Mr. Hill I seriously want you to compete for the 11th Congressional district, I assure you that the winner will go on to defeat Gerry Connolly.

Win or lose I will work tirelessly for the Republican nominee of the 11th district and our nominee for the US Senate.

Let’s S.T.R.I.V.E. for America

Gerald R. Geddes
Candidate for United States Congress VAs 11th district

Words. There are none.

JHPolitics has more.

What exactly is Geddes trying to do here? Lure Shak out of the Senate race? Earn media? Create another textbook example of how NOT to run a campaign email strategy? Look tough?

It’ll be interesting to see what explanation (if any) Geddes can offer for this spectacular email.

Shak, on the other hand, is busy running for U.S. Senate. Ignoring this is probably his best bet. But if he were to turn his attention to the 11th, Geddes better be ready to get out of the way.

UPDATE: In case anyone was worried, Geddes wasn’t hacked and is serious(ly out of his mind right now):

An open letter to Shak Hill’s supporters in the 11th district,
I don’t want Shak to have any whiny excuse for not getting into the 11th district race so get this form in today so that he doesn’t have a flimsy excuse for not getting into this race.



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