Times Dispatch Calls Out Lind Attack As “Baseless”

You know you messed up if the RICHMOND Times Dispatch is calling out your “baseless” attacks in the 10th District.

Late last month Barbara Comstock received the endorsement of Paul Ryan at a breakfast for Eric Cantor in Richmond. Howie Lind was upset by this, saying Ryan was a weak Republican and his endorsement was merely one of the status quo:

“Unfortunately, Paul Ryan has proven himself to be one of those who prefers to compromise and accept Barack Obama’s Socialist Agenda than stand up to him and it appears that Barbara Comstock will vote the same way in Congress.”

“Paul Ryan’s endorsement unfortunately is the Status Quo seal of approval,” the 56-year old retired Navy Commander said. “It’s time to take a stand for what we as conservatives believe and reject the premise of a Socialist future.”

Say wha?


A Richmond Times Dispatch editorial today calls this attack out as “baseless” – and is pasted in full below:

When Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan his 2012 running mate, he pleased the Republican base. Ryan enjoyed a reputation for bold thinking, especially on entitlements and other items relating to federal overreach. Romney introduced Ryan at rallies in Virginia.

Ryan retains his high profile. He recently attended a Richmond campaign breakfast for Rep. Eric Cantor, R-7 th, fellow GOP “young gun” in the estimation of journalist Fred Barnes.

Ryan also endorsed Del. Barbara Comstock in the campaign to succeed Rep. Frank Wolf, who is retiring from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. One of Comstock’s competitors denounced the Ryan endorsement, which he claimed identified Comstock as the candidate of the status quo and, we presume, something of a running dog. Ryan, it seems, is not pure enough. Liberals consider him an ideologue.

Comstock is a solid conservative but does not believe in burning the competition at the stake. She gets things done.

Ryan has gone from hero to goat in only two years. We would not be surprised if factions in the base eventually slammed Sarah Palin for being a wimp.

Oh, that’s good.


10 thoughts on “Times Dispatch Calls Out Lind Attack As “Baseless”

  1. Ryan cut Lind’s COLA, this is what these comments are about. And quite frankly I could care less. I support Comstock, but Ryan’s endorsement is worth a lot less these days then it used to, and it’s due to his recent actions ( such as the Ryan-Murray turd budget)

  2. Comstock is a solid conservative who gets things done? She couldn’t even get her bike bill past. She supports OTC abortion chemicals.

    Support Wasinger.

  3. What has Rob Wasinger accomplished? From 2003-2008, when Rob was Brownback’s chief of staff, he worked with Karl Rove (in the WH at the time) to assist the President in invoking the Kemp-Kasten amendment in the Foreign Affairs Approp. to cut over $200,000,000.00 from foreign aid programs that violated human rights in China and abroad. This was an amazingly difficult and critical task. It took place when Comstock was a lobbyist lobbying for Carnival Cruise Lines. Rob also chaired the Values Action Team, where he drafted much of Brownback’s most pro-family and conservative legislation and legislative correspondence, including (but not limited to) the human cloning ban, and the ban on unethical stem cell research. More recently, as Tea Party champion US Rep. Kerry Bentivolio’s chief of staff, Rob helped draft legislation to gut and defund the Obamacare website.

    The thin-skinned establishment Republican blogs, like this one, have printed false and unethical information about Wasinger. The Bull Elephant has blocked all pro-Wasinger posts from its comment section, and has gone so far as to falsely claim that any and all pro-Wasinger posts originate from a single user using numerous aliases, as well as falsely implying that Brownback “refused” to endorse Wasinger, when in fact Brownback simply has not endorsed candidates the Kansas caucuses. These establishment blogs simply bleed credibility.

    Rob is a very strong, very solid conservative. He is a very solid family man who has raised his family in Virginia. He is well-funded, and has an army of grassroots support.

    These blogs are simply a dis-service to the new brand of Republican services, like Wasinger, Lind and even Marshall. Lind is quite justified in stating that Paul Ryan has been absorbed into the Republican establishment. Paul Ryan voted yes to cutting military retirement pay (for crying out loud!) and to increasing the deficit with Obama and the Democrats. Ryan has stated openly that he desires to compromise with Obama on budget issues.

    We need true conservatives in Congress. Not Comstock who was a lobbyist lobbying for wasteful contracts, and who cannot get support in Richmond for her most basic pieces of legislation, nor for her more obtuse legislation, such as her initiative requiring mandatory all-day kindergarten.

    1. So in other words, both candidates are establishment stooges, the campaign is a sham, and the people have no real choice whatsoever in the actual content of their representation. You can have Bush crony Comstock or Rove crony Wasinger. But what you are not allowed to have under any circumstances is an uncompromised private citizen whose loyalties lie not with the ruling regime but with his fellow Americans.

      Seriously, why would you tell anyone that your candidate worked for Rove? Do you not understand how many people view any association with Rove as a poison pill? Same goes for Bush, and Comstock obviously is just as clueless about the matter. No wonder GOP primary turnout is pathetic and it’s like pulling teeth to get people to the polls in the general!

      This race is shaping up as the archetype of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party in Virginia.

    2. Oh, by the way, I have access to the back end at TBE since I have author privileges there. I can find no evidence whatsoever of any censorship in the comments section. In fact, we are so scrupulous about not censoring opinion that the one time we did remove a user comment, we did so only after obtaining the prior, voluntary and uncoerced consent of the user, leaving in its place a note that the comment had been removed and why.

      So… perhaps the problem you have can be best identified by closely studying a mirror.

  4. As far as you’re concerned, “Scott”, I have the data on your posting too. You have represented yourself on TBE under four different names, using no fewer than seven different email addresses.

  5. @Alexis. Both of your comments are ridiculous. Rove handled several key policy initiatives for the Bush White House. One of them was the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, and Wasinger (for Brownback and the US Senate, and for Rep. Chris Smith in the House) coordinated $250,000,000 in cuts for foreign aid programs that violated human rights. (Cut, not expenditure. CUT. Cronies don’t CUT!) To state, as you did, that Wasinger is a crony because of this cut is completely absurd. On your second point, that I have seven emails. This is a complete lie. I have three email addresses. No fewer than seven Wasinger supporters that I know of (and probably a lot more) have had comments deleted or blocked from the Bull Elephant. I posted one comment, and my first email was blocked. I posted a second comment from my second email address, and this comment was blocked. I posted a third comment from my third email address, and not only was this comment blocked, but the Bull Elephant published an article claiming that Wasinger had one supporter using multiple aliases.

    You guys are a complete joke! No wonder Virginia turned blue. It’s because of idiots like you.

  6. Rove’s political advice was rejected so soundly by the electorate that they were willing to vote for the open Communist Obama in order to get away from it. If that’s what you want to go back to, you are on the extreme fringe. Sane people want to put the Bush days behind us just as much as the Clinton and Obama days. I remember when that rat bastard promised “no nation-building”. Several friends coming home from nation-building less than as fully intact as they left, with no end in sight – no. This country has had enough.

    As far as the TBE stuff goes, you’ll have a hard time convincing me, especially since I can see the raw data and it doesn’t match up with your story at all.

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