Howie Lind’s Endorsement Of Barbara Comstock (In 2010)

In 2010, Howie Lind visited the Clarke County GOP and offered a ringing endorsement of Delegate Barbara Comstock:

At the 2:02 mark:

“Let’s go find and support and run strong conservative candidates for these seats.

“Actually, I’ve been doing that for the last couple of years… A couple of years ago, fall of 2008, I recruited Barbara Comstock to run for the House of Delegates.

“A great candidate and she’s down there now in Richmond, she won, and she’s my delegate there.

“Interestingly, in that year in 2008… Frank [Wolf] was talking to me all year about running for that seat…

“I said Frank I’m sorry I can’t, between work and family and other things, I just couldn’t run, but I got Barbara to run and she’s done great.”


9 thoughts on “Howie Lind’s Endorsement Of Barbara Comstock (In 2010)

  1. Interesting how that plays out sometimes. I also agree with his statements from that time and I think they are still relevant today. She has been doing an outstanding job in the House of Delegates, she will do an outstanding job if elected to the House of Representatives.

  2. The only thing interesting about this is that Howie Lind claims he recruited Barbara Comstock…Speaking with personal knowledge, Howie had very little to do with Barbara running but then again I shouldn’t be surprised that Howie is lying…his lips were moving.

  3. Nothing against Howie Lind, of course. I don’t know if he’s lying or not. I just have more confidence in Barbara Comstock’s abilities, both as a legislator and as someone who can campaign as both a pragmatist and conservative champion.

  4. Lind was as full of it then as he is now.
    Rep. Frank Wolf is the person outside of her family who had the most influence in convincing Barbara Comstock to run for the HOD.

  5. I too was surprised that Frank’s Wolf first’s choice for delegate was Howie Lind and not Barbara, but I’ve had it confirmed.

  6. Why are these blogs — this one and the bull elephant — so biased in favor of Comstock? Comstock was a lobbyist, who is running in violation of the moral teachings of her Church. Such clear and obvious bias undercuts credibility.

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