CBS Local St. Louis Censors Conservative Comments

This came as a surprise but the folks at CBS St. Louis,, decided to censor a comment I made on their little website.  At this point the comment is in limbo for over an hour.  This is not the first post that  has gotten this treatment.

I posted a comment, critical of the bigotry of the particular atheist with whom I was having a discussion.  AllisC had at this point imugned my intelligence, I noted her bigotry.  The good people at CBS St. Louis decided to get involved and stopped me from replying.  to what purpose am I being censored?  This has happened before.  When I get into a discussion I have been flagged.  I do not curse.  I to not call people names.  Noting that the words of the likes of AllisC are bigoted or mistaken is within the stated policy of the website.


AllisC had said worse.  I do not understand how this action on the part of CBS St. Louis is in anyway helpful.  It is the act of a bully.  Considering that they are an enterprise that is completely beholden to free speech, this action is rank hypocrisy.

AllisC has the right to her beliefs.  As an American I would defend her right to believe as she wishes and to speak as she wishes – even as she paints me out to be a a Christian Taliban.  What is sad is that a ‘News’ outlet such a CBS does not appear to grasp that free speech in the public square is not just for media outlets put for all.

The comments section of CBS St. Louis is not a private venue.  Once they open it up to Disqus and allow all comers to log on, such selective pruning of the discussion is to say the least dishonest.  You can see my words and if that is worthy of being censored then something is amiss in this country.  I see people called racists, homophobes, misogynists, Socialists and NAZI’s on these sites.  Bigots.  Idiots and retards, libtards, wingnuts and moonbats.  I am curious.  So I have contacted KMOX, and I hope to hear back from them.


2 thoughts on “CBS Local St. Louis Censors Conservative Comments

  1. Someone needs to tell these people that the 1st Amendment is not just for liberals. It’s so fascinating — liberals are the most tolerant, open-minded people in the world, just so long as you agree with them 100% and take no contrary position whatsoever.

  2. Yep, that’s what they do. That’s what they HAVE to do. That’s why they could not allow any anti-party voices in the USSR. Same ideology, same methods.

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