Kenney In At RPV, Foreman Out In Dumfries

In light of Virtucon’s long track record of April Fool’s Day posts dating back to 2006, we thought it wise to hold off until today to report two unexpected political moves in the Commonwealth lest they thought to be pranks on our part.

First of all, in a bombshell announcement that took everyone by surprise, Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman announced during the town council meeting last night that he was withdrawing from the race for mayor next month. Foreman had declared for reelection back in November and when I spoke with him just two weeks ago he was gung-ho about the future. No reason for his decision was given. We hope that everything is okay with Mayor Foreman and the members of his family and wish him all the best in the future. He has served the Town of Dumfries well as both a councilman and mayor.

On the other side of the coin today is Shaun Kenney who has been named as the new Executive Director for the Republican Party of Virginia. I have known Shaun for years from both our days in the Young Republican Federation of Virginia and as fellow bloggers. He will undoubtedly bring a great deal of energy and ideas to the RPV just at the time when it needs it the most. Shaun brings something else as well – the ability and the will to take the political fight to the Democrats. For far too long Republicans in Virginia have sat idly by while Democrats have rolled over them because they viewed themselves above getting into the fray. If they expect Shaun to continue in that tradition, they are sadly mistaken.


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