Lind campaigning against Boehner, has a great time with Wolf’s 2010 opponent

Well this is fun:

He seems to have made the calculation that the only way to get attention for his campaign is to bash fellow Republicans … while complaining about Republicans attacking other Republicans.

Namely, he’s spent quite a bit of time attacking Speaker John Boehner and now he’s going after Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy – the same people he’s going to be counting on if he were somehow to be elected for committee assignments and help moving legislation.

First up was a tiny radio buy attacking Speaker Boehner for not standing up to President Obama. Then he proceeds to take out another tiny radio buy against attacking Speaker Boehner – in fact, other than a few shots at Obama, you’ll find more attacks on other Republicans on Howie’s website than you will any discussion of his potential Democratic opponent in the 10th District.

Nobody has been paying attention, because these attacks are dumb.


It also doesn’t help that Howie Lind is spending time on Inside Scoop Virginia, a local show in Fairfax hosted by none other than Rep. Frank Wolf’s 2010 opponent Jeff Barnett.

Howie Lind seems happy to join Democrats in attacking Republican leadership in Congress while being absolutely silent on Nancy Pelosi being in his back yard — all the while saying Republicans shouldn’t be attacking Republicans.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Republicans in Virginia’s 10th District will pick their nominee in a firehouse primary on April 26th.