Cuccinelli Gave $25K to RPV Yesterday; Why Is Bolling Still Sitting On $334K?

From an email sent out today by RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

[New RPV Exec. Dir. Shaun Kenney] had a pretty good first day on the job, too. Ken Cuccinelli stepped up to the plate and gave us $25,000 to help us put all of our attention on Mark Warner going into the fall! Ken hasn’t stopped fighting Obamacare yet, and I’m grateful that he’s staying in the fight!

So, why is former LG Bill Bolling still sitting on more than $334,000 in his campaign account? (Even he couldn’t eat that many sandwiches.)

BOLLINGHow about donating a chunk of that to the party that you professed to love? Perhaps he isn’t done throwing his temper tantrum yet or maybe he’s planning to be the next John Chichester / Russ Potts and become the “Republican” that seeks attention by endorsing Democratic candidates.

We’ll be watching to see which path Bolling chooses to follow.


7 thoughts on “Cuccinelli Gave $25K to RPV Yesterday; Why Is Bolling Still Sitting On $334K?

  1. You guys would be lousy fund raisers on PBS or on Jerry kids.

    Come on Bill Bolling don’t let Ken beat you again. 25k or 50k can buy a lot of “see he’s just as good if not better than Ken” among people who make those kind of comments.

    1. for what is worth, I modulate the message given the audience. If Bolling had a sense of shame, and really was a team player then the message/comments would appeal to that. Since he has no shame and has a raging sense of entitlement, there nothing to be gained appealing to the sandwich’s better side.

  2. I just read yesterday that Ken Cuccinelli didn’t donate the 25 grand to the RPV because of Shaun Kenney being named the Director that day. He said it was a coincidence that his donation was made on that same day. He supports the RPV period. It has nothing to do with Kenney’s appointment as some have tried to give Kenney credit for.

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