Comstock Closing In On 50% In New Poll

The Hill has released results of a new poll conducted April 4-5 ahead of the April 26 firehouse primary for the GOP nomination in the 10th Cong. Dist.

The Citizens United poll finds Del. Barbara Comstock with 44% followed by Del. Bob Marshall at 10%.  Stephen Hollingshead, Howie Lind, and Rob Wasinger are all tied at 3% with Marc Savitt bringing up the rear with just 1%.

At this rate, it looks like no one will be able to catch Comstock with her so close to 50% against a field of five other candidates. This could explain why the Howie Lind radio commercials attacking Comstock are growing more absurd by the day — Barbara Comstock is backed by the D.C. establishment that hates the Tea Party and supports amnesty — thereby trying to ascribe those positions to her. The ads even say she supports expansion of Medicaid / Obamacare in Virginia and that it is on her own website when in fact her own website details her fight against this expansion. She even voted against LAST YEAR’S budget over concerns about expansion.

If Team Lind continues to spread such lies about Comstock’s record, then they may find themselves having to confront the truths about their own candidate’s life.


2 thoughts on “Comstock Closing In On 50% In New Poll

  1. As it happens, I heard the radio advertisement mentioned in this post this morning on my drive into work. I was frankly stunned that this is the level to which some candidates will sink in order to try and win the nomination. Frankly, the Republicans would be better off if they would stop with the infighting just to score some political points. Save your ammunition for the Democrats where it belongs, frankly. It’s good that we are having a primary and it’s good that we have the opportunity to have a free election to select our nominee (unlike the Democrats who forced all of the candidates out of their primary save their desired choice) but please, can we try to keep it clean and honest? Then, at the end of the day, I sincerely hope that we can all unite behind the nominee. I think that Comstock has the best chance to unite all of the factions of the GOP together and this poll appears to suggest that this is the case. We need someone who can bring together the Tea Party, the social conservatives, the free market libertarians, but also the moderate Republicans, the independents, the undecideds and, yes, even a few open-minded Democrats who are tired of what is going on in DC and want to see some positive change. Comstock is the one who can put that coalition together and this is why I am supporting her (and so are many others from the looks of it).

  2. Barbara Comstock has been endorsed by Sean Hannity. Along with Mark Levin, all she would need is Rush Limbaugh to complete the “talk radio trifecta” (so to speak, although there are many other radio commentators out there too). Folks, in my opinion, this primary vote should be a no-brainer!

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