Wasinger’s Opposition To (Paying) Taxes

No one likes paying taxes. But you have to do it.

Rob Wasinger, candidate in Virginia’s 10th District, isn’t new to running for Congress. He gave it a go in 2010 in Kansas’s 1st District where he pulled 9% of the primary vote after spending $800,000 on the race. Woof.

But before he could run in Kansas he needed to have a house there. So in 2009 his family purchased a home in the district. And, more often than not, Wasinger has been delinquent in paying his taxes on that home. Like right now.

Rob Wasinger has yet to pay his 2013 property taxes on his Kansas home.

Wasinger's Property Taxes for Kansas
Wasinger’s Property Taxes for Kansas

Wasinger spent 2010 saying he wanted to represent Kansas voters. Now he won’t even pay the same taxes they do?


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  1. Now you’ve done it. At least two of the elusive Wasinger’s 15 supporters may change their minds and vote for someone else!

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