PWC Passes Massive Tax Hike

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors last night passed a 4.5% tax hike for FY ’15 and a massive 22.5% tax increase over 5 years. When was the last time you got a 4.5% raise?

Here’s how they voted on the tax hike:

Yeas: Stewart, Caddigan, Nohe, Principi, Covington, and Jenkins.

Nays: Candland and May.

Sad thing – Republicans allegedly have a 6-2 majority on the Board, yet 4 of those 6 voted with the two Democrats for this insane tax hike.

Once again, we have a failure to prioritize spending, a failure to grow our commercial tax base (especially when you separate out apartment complexes which are deemed commercial and not residential, yet consume residential services), and a failure of basic oversight. Enough is enough.

Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi (D) said during the meeting to Board Chairman Corey Stewart (R):

“As I said to you the other day, you’re looking more and more like a Democrat every day. I appreciate it.”

I would suggest that those four Republicans-of-convenience apply for membership in the Prince William County Democratic Committee, but I’m not sure that Democratic Committee Chairman Harry Wiggins (who is actually a reasonable and amiable person) would want them.

You can bank on Principi’s quote being used in campaign ads and mailings against Stewart next year should he choose to seek reelection and pursue the Republican nomination.

(Hat tip to The Sheriff of Nottinghamd in Prince William County for the graphic.)


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