Ed Gillespie Announces Endorsements from 65 Virginia Legislators

Quite impressive.

In yet another sign of the growing unity around Ed’s campaign, I’m excited to share with you the news that 65 Republican state legislators have publicly endorsed Ed Gillespie to be our party’s nominee for the United States Senate.

These elected leaders from every corner of the Commonwealth stand with Ed.

Check out the full list:*

  • Delegate Dave Albo
  • Delegate Rich Anderson
  • Delegate Terry Austin
  • Delegate Rob Bell
  • Delegate Kathy Byron
  • Delegate Jeff Campbell
  • Senator Bill Carrico
  • Delegate Mark Cole
  • Delegate Barbara Comstock
  • Senator John Cosgrove
  • Delegate Kirk Cox
  • Delegate Glenn Davis
  • Delegate Bill DeSteph
  • Delegate Matthew Fariss
  • Delegate Peter Farrell
  • Delegate Buddy Fowler
  • Senator Tom Garrett
  • Delegate Scott Garrett
  • Delegate Todd Gilbert
  • Delegate Tag Greason
  • Delegate Chris Head
  • Speaker Bill Howell
  • Delegate Tim Hugo
  • Delegate Riley Ingram
  • Delegate Terry Kilgore
  • Delegate Barry Knight
  • Delegate Jay Leftwich
  • Delegate Jim LeMunyon
  • Delegate Scott Lingamfelter
  • Delegate Manoli Loupassi
  • Delegate Danny Marshall
  • Senator Steve Martin
  • Delegate Jimmie Massie
  • Senator Ryan McDougle
  • Senator Jeff McWaters
  • Delegate Jackson Miller
  • Delegate Randy Minchew
  • Delegate Will Morefield
  • Delegate Rick Morris
  • Senator Tommy Norment
  • Delegate John O’Bannon
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Delegate Bobby Orrock
  • Delegate Israel O’Quinn
  • Delegate Chris Peace
  • Delegate David Ramadan
  • Senator Bryce Reeves
  • Delegate Roxann Robinson
  • Senator Frank Ruff
  • Delegate Nick Rush
  • Delegate Ed Scott
  • Senator Ralph Smith
  • Senator Bill Stanley
  • Delegate Chris Stolle
  • Senator Walter Stosch
  • Senator Richard Stuart
  • Delegate Scott Taylor
  • Delegate Ron Villanueva
  • Senator Frank Wagner
  • Delegate Lee Ware
  • Senator John Watkins
  • Delegate Michael Webert
  • Delegate Tony Wilt
  • Delegate Tommy Wright
  • Delegate Joseph Yost

Ed always says that a Senator for all Virginians must be a candidate for all Virginians. That starts within our own party. It’s our hope that this list of endorsements shows just how hard Ed is working to earn the support of every single delegate heading to Roanoke.

This list means that over two thirds of the Republicans in the General Assembly support Ed. Combine that with our endorsements from more than half of the voting members of the State Central Committee and over 50 local unit chairmen and you’ll see just how effective Ed has been in uniting Virginia Republicans.

Chris Leavitt
Campaign Manager
Ed Gillespie for Senate