Don Beyer Running for Congress as a Political Extremist

When Cong. Jim Moran announced his retirement, people of all political persuasions rejoiced. Republicans because he is such a hard-left liberal and Democrats because he is an embarassment on so many levels with regard to how he has behaved while in office. It was evident all around that whoever would take his place representing Virginia’s 8th Congressional District would be an improvement of some kind.

A crowded field soon emerged on the Democratic side as you would expect. Among those is former Lt. Gov. Don Beyer who famously lost the 1997 race for governor to Jim Gilmore largely on voters embracing Gilmore’s plan to eliminate the dreaded car tax (you can thank Sen. Mark Warner for stopping its final phase-out after he was elected in 2001.) The irony of this is Beyer is a businessman and more specifically, the owner of a number of car dealerships in Northern Virginia.

Beyer’s entrance into the race resulted in some candidates, such as Del. Mark Sickles, dropping out or not even getting in the race. Beyer has the money, the political network, and the name ID to make him the prohibitive favorite to replace Moran.

I figured that at least the 8th Dist. would have a pro-business Democrat representing their interests – someone who understands the art of the deal and can work with people from the other side of the aisle to get things done.

That illusion died when I began hearing Don Beyer’s campaign commercials on the radio. It is safe to say that Beyer is running for Congress as a political extremist.

Beyer’s ads, which ironically are running during morning drivetime radio on conservative-skewing WMAL, begin with President Obama saying the debate is over with regard to health care reform. Beyer then chimes in and says that he agrees and will fight all attempts to repeal Obamacare in Congress. From there, Beyer pivots to talk about abortion and how as Lt. Gov. he fought against all sorts of attempts to regulate it in Virginia. He ends his ad with a woman stating he is a “principled progressive.”

I had hoped that businessman Beyer would have talked about jobs, the economy, transportation and other issues impacting the quality of life of those living in Arlington and Alexandria. Instead, he has gone hard, hard left as a full-throated defender of Obamacare and abortion opposed to meeting somewhere in the middle on these issues. That isn’t just being a “principled progressive” – that is being a political extremist.

Over the years, my family has owned a number of Volvo vehicles, but we have never purchased one from Don Beyer Volvo. Suffice it to say that we never will, especially after this campaign Beyer is running.


2 thoughts on “Don Beyer Running for Congress as a Political Extremist

  1. The 8th district Dem primary race is like the 10th district GOP primary race — just on the other side of the spectrum. In the 10th, all the Republicans were trying to out-conservative each other. In the 8th, the Dems are trying to out-liberal each other, each claiming to be the most progressive candidate. In the case of the 8th, however, the Democrats CAN run on the left side and won’t have the worry much about the general election — a kook can get nominated and have a better than 50% chance of getting elected in the general. In the case of the 10th, a Republican can certainly win (Comstock certainly has a better than 50% chance in my view of winning) but a rigidly ideological conservative would have a harder time and is better off running in the 6th or 9th downstate.

  2. I imagine Beyer learned his lesson in 1997-he attempted to run a calm, business issues oriented campaign and got pulled under in the race to embrace the car tax repeal despite obvious budgetary problems with its implementation. Now he is in a Democratic party, and he is going to bring coal to Newcastle and talk liberal-because that is how you win the the 8th!

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