Corey Stewart Previews His 2015 Primary Campaign Theme

Prince William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart appeared on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” radio show this morning to discuss illegal immigration. I guess we know what he’ll be using as his main campaign issue in next year’s Republican primary when he seeks reelection.

Stewart certainly can’t run on cutting residents’ tax bills, creation of quality jobs in the county, reducing wasteful spending, limited government or any other conservative ideal, so he’s going back to the same well again that he has since 2007. I have a feeling that well has long since run dry with primary voters fed up with his antics and those of several others on the Board of Supervisors.

From the rumblings I’m hearing, those voters will have an excellent conservative alternative to Stewart next year, although it has yet to be worked out which one of the two potential high-profile challengers will ultimate take up the challenge. (Stewart shouldn’t pin his hopes on it being a three-way race with his two opponents splitting the anti-incumbet vote because those two are of the same mind in the need to remove him as chairman – only one of them will run.)

Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Corey Stewart Previews His 2015 Primary Campaign Theme

  1. So Corey is embracing the “Squirrel! Over there!” strategy. Can’t say I blame him. What an abysmal record.

  2. I thought Corey had more imagination than this. He will actually run on an anti-undocumented immigrant theme again? Geez, why doenst he run against taxes….government……….maybe he could abolish county government?

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