Dave Brat Lies Instead Of Standing Up

Last week the Washington Post reported that Dave Brat, challenger to Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th District, would be attending meetings in DC with Grover Norquist and Morton Blackwell, providing him the opportunity to make his case in front of some movers and shakers inside the beltway.

But then Wednesday came and Dave Brat was no where to be found:

The official word from Werrell was that Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, had academic obligations.

“He had school stuff to take care of,” Werrell said in an interview Wednesday night. “It’s the week before finals.”

Problem is, that’s not the truth.

Dave Brat was interviewed by ABC News in DC WEDNESDAY MORNING, opening with this little gem:

One thing that I want my voters to know about me is I always tell the truth…

The truth? Brat’s campaign tells the Washington Post that Brat wasn’t in DC on Wednesday but there he is, standing in front of the Capitol, telling ABC News that he’s an honest guy.


That begs the question: why did Dave Brat cancel on Norquist and Blackwell?

Maybe because conservative talking heads told him not to?

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Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift sums up the issue with this tale:

Once upon a time, Barnie Day was talking shop to a few of us bloggers and recounted a saying by A.L. Philpott, the one-time, all-powerful Speaker of the House of Delegates, regarding interest groups. It went something like this: “If you can’t eat their food, drink their booze, take their money and then vote against them, you’ve got no business being here.”

Eric Cantor’s been hitting Dave Brat pretty hard for failing to take a stand against proposed tax hikes when he served at the pleasure of the Kaine administration. And Brat is running a campaign critical of Cantor for not standing up for the people in the 7th.

But if Dave Brat can’t stand up to conservative talking heads or runs away from a meeting with Grover Norquist instead of standing up to him over his one hit wonder amnesty, how is he going to stand up against Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats in Washington?


6 thoughts on “Dave Brat Lies Instead Of Standing Up

  1. I am curious as to why Brat didn’t show up for those meetings, then claimed he wasn’t in DC, but then it turns out that he was. Plus wouldn’t he have known about these academic obligations long before these meetings were scheduled?

    It just seems like something of a haphazard campaign operation.

  2. Just as the Cantor supporters are claiming that there is no upside to Cantor debating Brat, the same applies with Brat “cancelling” the meetings with Norquist and whoever in Washington. From the same article that was referenced in this hit piece, at the WaPo it was clearly stated that Brat’s team did in fact cancel his attendance. Of course we all know that claiming Brat was a ‘no show” sounds so much more damaging to Brat.

    Anyone having a shred of honesty within them knows darn well that there was no possible way Norquist would have ever jumped over to the Brat campaign and supported him over Cantor. Why would Brat want support from the same establishment that he is running against?. Everyone knows Brat is opposed to amnesty while Norquist supports it. So why did Norquist invite him to begin with? In the same WaPo article Morton Blackwell said he doesn’t get involved in these kinds of races, and wouldn’t have been supporting Brat over Cantor either. Why was Brat invited to the luncheon?

    Once those two invitations were extended, even if Brat said right of the bat, thanks but no thanks, he would have gotten negative press because he refused to meet with the so-called movers and shakers in Washington. It doesn’t take conservative talking heads to figure out that it was a set up or an ambush. No matter what Brat had to say to those in Washington it would have been spun in a manner to make Brat look bad, and it would have been in front of the microphones and rolling cameras, just for that purpose.

    Norquist won’t be voting for Cantor or Brat, Blackwell won’t be voting for Cantor or Brat, and likely everyone in attendance at those two events won’t be voting for Cantor or Brat. We here in the 7th dist. will be voting for the candidate of our choice.

    This is yet just another testament that when you can’t or won’t debate someone on their positions on the issues, go all in with the liberal politics of personal destruction. I’m so glad that everyone outside of the district have taken it upon themselves to tell us voters who we are to support and vote for. I doubt that any of you understand or even care how much your devious hit pieces are a complete turn off to those that have the ability to vote in this race. I’m sure you are having a ball with your circle fests though.

  3. Brat wasn’t invited – his campaign called to make sure he could meet. THEY scheduled the meetings. And then they reneged? Amateur.

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