Does Don Beyer Practice What He Preaches?

We’ve already noted fmr. Lt. Gov. Don Beyer’s radio commercial where he stakes out some pretty extreme positions in his race for the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s open 8th congressional district. There’s one thing that has jumped out at me during my repeated hearings of Beyer’s ad on WMAL. Beyer’s campaign says in the radio spot that he will fight in Congress for paid family leave and equal pay for women.

Now, Beyer owns one of the largest car dealership chains in Northern Virginia. My question (and one that his Democratic primary opponents should be asking) is whether Beyer offers his own employees paid family leave and pays women equally? Does Don Beyer practice what he preaches? The answer to that will say a lot about the man and what kind of congressman he would be.


2 thoughts on “Does Don Beyer Practice What He Preaches?

  1. Beyer’s obviously a very successful businessman……and proposes to use his acumen and interests in serving the people of the 8th district…..we have a wealth of politial experience in the 8th District. Patrick Hope is also a strong candidate………….Either or both of them will be great reps in the Halls of Congress. What we really need is Democratic leaderships
    that WILL get something done!!

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