Senator Lindsay Graham it talking about impeaching President Obama.

Impeachment over this would not be wise:

1) The President is Commander in Chief and so he is the person that runs wars, not Congress. President Obama has argued that Congress did not have the power to impose this restriction on presidential powers. One can argue back and forth on this, but there should be a very clear violation in an impeachment. This is not a clear violation.

2) Republicans impeached President Clinton for lying about cheating on his wife. Impeachment is not just a legal question; it’s also a political question. Lying about cheating on your wife is not a political high crime or misdemeanor. If anything, it would have been more outrageous if Clinton had boasted of his cheating. Republicans lost a lot of credibility with the Clinton impeachment that may take decades to regain.

3) The Senate is run by Democrats loyal to Obama and there is no way the Senate will convict. An impeachment by the House will not remove Obama from office.

4) For millions of voters, there is an almost religious devotion to Barak Obama. An attempt to remove him from office, successful or not, would create enormous ill will that would take decades to dissipate.

Like it or not, we are stuck with President Obama until 2017.


7 thoughts on “Impeachment?

  1. I would disagree about Clinton, only because he committed perjury in Federal court. That is a felony, like it or not, and others have gone to jail for it (even when the perjury involved testimony on marital infidelity). That said, It would have been nicer if the perjury had been on another topic.

    We are likely stuck with Obama until 2017. The only thing that I can think of that could really lead to impeachment is if Obama is somehow linked to the IRS scandal. Even with that, as you say, there are a lot of people who would ignore it all given the religious devotion to Obama.

  2. Sen. Graham needs to STFU. Impeachment is NOT his prerogative, and as a potential juror it is improper for him to discuss it. If the HOUSE impeaches 0bama, then Sen. Graham can vote on his guilt or innocence regarding the articles of impeachment.

    Since it is highly unlikely I will be a juror, I will say that 0bama’s repeated refusal to enforce the law — some of which HE SIGNED — is sufficient cause for impeachment.

  3. With all those kids pouring over the Texas border from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, soccer will soon become “football” on our own soil.

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