BREAKING: Cantor Gets Crushed By Brat

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his primary to challenger Dave Brat, a college economics professor by 11 points, 56-44.

More to come!

UPDATE 1: The shockwaves from this are rippling across the country. I’d say those GOPers in Virginia who have been in office for too long and lost touch with their voters are suddenly very nervous if they are facing prospective primary challenges in the next year or two.

UPDATE 2: Dennis Miller has coined a new term:

cant·er noun \ˈkan-tər\-to leave town at a high rate of speed.


2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Cantor Gets Crushed By Brat

  1. If Cantor is a sore loser and helps the Democrats I will not be the only one angry. I’m still angry at Bolling for sabotaging Cuccinelli. Thanks for posting this Riley!

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