OPEN THREAD: Which VA GOPers Will Get “Cantored” In 2015?

Sound off here on which Virginia Republicans – state and/or local – will be defeated by primary challengers next year. We want to hear it from you! Make your predictions now!


8 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD: Which VA GOPers Will Get “Cantored” In 2015?

  1. Prince Wm. County Chairman Corey Stewart and Supervisors Marty Nohe and Maureen Caddigan. They’ll all take the wrong lesson from Cantor’s defeat and lose themselves next year.

  2. Cantor’s loss is not so much about immigration. The majority of Republicans are opposed to amnesty, BUT, they realize that reform is a must. The border does need to be secured for a variety of reasons, but shipping the illegal alien’s home is not a viable choice either.

    The real reason Cantor lost is because he was at the epicenter of the effort by the moderates and establishment Republicans to drive-out or punish the base. Since conservatives, of various stripes, make up 75% of the party, this was a ridiculous endevour.

    The underhanded slating opf delegates, the smear campaigns all lead to Cantor’s down fall. His position on a single issue was not the defining reason why his base stayed home and the anti-Cantor crowd came out. Rank and file Republicans do not like the civil war going on in RPV.

    Cantor and company have played their part. The knives are out, and the moderates are out numbered three to one.

  3. Because seniority is the most important thing in American politics it is foolish to ever vote out an incumbent, but when that incumbent is the “HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER”!!! It is just plain ignorant!!! Virginia’s 7th district will NEVER have that level of representation at federal level EVER again. Virginia as a whole is about to feel the pain of losing Frank Wolf and Jim Moran and now we are losing Eric Cantor too??? Well, you can say goodbye to VA landing the FBI HQ and who knows how many other Federal contracts that’s for sure. Maryland has a lot of issues, but at least they know how to support their elected officials.

  4. “Virginia‚Äôs 7th district will NEVER have that level of representation at federal level EVER again.” Never is a very long time and it is impossible to predict the future, especially the political one.

    1. NEVER I said…from now to the last congress that will EVER sit in Washington DC. The voters or should I say the GOP voters in the 7th district are the dumbest people the CommonWealth has ever seen.

  5. Virginia is not better off because Cantor was house majority leader. Virginia is worse off. Traffic is a nightmare, Total Taxes are almost double what they were 15 years ago, Schools are worse yet spending is up, Waste is rampant and Virginia govt has expanded. They have been slowly turning Virginia into another Maryland, New Jersey or New York where corruption rules and politicians never met a tax they didn’t like.

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