Yeah, Obama and Clinton are Just Like Lincoln and Seward… Not!

Iraq is about to fall to al Qaeda militants as they march towards Baghdad and we throw away the hard fought victory we won. All those lost lives, both American and Iraqi, and now it appears that it will have all been for nothing because President Obama thought it more important to pull our troops out on an artificial timetable than to ensure that the fledgling democracy established in Iraq (remember all those purple ink stained fingers?) was thriving before we departed. Meanwhile, we still have troops left over in South Korea from 60 years ago and Europe from 70 years ago.

On the home front, we learn that our government is airlifting planes full of illegal aliens to Massachusetts where they’re releasing them into the wild. These people, many of them unaccompanied children, have been spurred to come to the U.S. thanks to the President’s ambiguous statements on immigration policy.

And Hillary Clinton, born and raised in Illinois, the smartest woman ever to have walked the earth, calls Abraham Lincoln a former senator from Illinois. I think Sen. Stephen Douglas might dispute that account. (On the positive side of things, if she’s Seward, that means she’ll never be president, either.) Can you imagine if Sarah Palin had referred to Lincoln as a former senator from Illinois? Dan Quayle was politically crucified for adding an “e” to the end of the word “potato” at a spelling bee (and to boot it was misspelled on the card he had been given for the word.)

Heck of a job, Mr. President. What a legacy you’re leaving the world. It just isn’t the one you’d imagined for yourself.