Corey Stewart Predictably Learns The Wrong Lesson From Eric Cantor’s Loss

How can you tell that you’re entering into an election cycle in Prince William County? Board Chairman Corey Stewart trots out the illegal immigration issue in an attempt to save his declining electoral prospects.

Just a month ago, we reported that Stewart was obviously gearing up for what promises to be a bruising Republican primary driven by his support for tax increases and the lack of quality jobs created in the county under his watch. Now, the Washington Times reports that Stewart is seeking the deportation data on those illegal immigrants arrested in the county.

It certainly is no coincidence that this is being raised again not even a week after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his congressional primary amid claims that he supported amnesty for illegal aliens. This was totally predictable that Stewart would learn the wrong lesson from Cantor’s loss and rush headlong back to his go-to campaign issue. (In fact the only reason why I didn’t already write another post calling it in response to the Cantor loss was a lack of time on my part – and maybe a desire to see how fast he would fall into his own trap.)

The fact of the matter is, whatever Cantor did with regard to immigration was secondary to his problem of putting his Washington / congressional constituency and ambitions ahead of his duties to the 7th congressional district of Virginia.

In this sense, Stewart has the same problem that Cantor did. Stewart has the baggage of his failed 2013 campaign for Lt. Gov. as well as his 2009 bid for that office and his 2012 bid for U.S. Senate. It is clear to everyone that he can’t wait to get out of Prince William County government and Republican voters are ready to grant him his wish – just not in the way he would prefer.

Stewart can tell himself all that he wants that his tough stand on illegal immigration will differentiate him from Cantor. His real problem, though, is that he can’t undo these three campaigns for higher office that he has embarked upon over the past five years or his abysmal record on taxes, spending and quality job creation. That combination will ultimately lead to his downfall in just 51 weeks come the 2015 GOP primary.



9 thoughts on “Corey Stewart Predictably Learns The Wrong Lesson From Eric Cantor’s Loss

  1. Corey never ran for US Seante. I believe he was asked to run and considered it but decided against it. Get your facts straight

    1. I do have my facts straight. I was at his strategy meetings for that campaign. In fact, one at Steve Chapman’s house comes to mind. In the end he did not run (same thing with regard to the 2009 LG campaign because Bill Bolling reversed course and ran for reelection, so Corey withdrew). That does not change the fact that those were 3 separate races for higher office he actively campaigned for to varying degrees.

      “Stewart, a Republican who had been hinting at a bid for the Senate for months, formally backed Allen in Prince William Tuesday morning.”

      Stewart was going around Virginia for MONTHS laying the groundwork for a 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. The fact that he didn’t file in the end does not change that.

      More here:

    2. Oh please. Corey wasn’t asked by anyone to run for the US Senate. He’s a legend in his own mind. George Allen was the presumptive nominee and the establishments nominee. It’s like what he’s running around telling people “State Central is putting unbearable pressure on me to run for Colgans seat”. Allen played Stewart like a cat plwys with a mouse and when Allen tired of it, he showed Stewart the opposition research they did and said “You really think you’re up to fight this?”, Stewart put his tail between his legs and caved.

  2. Corey is not alone in misreading the Tea Leaves on the Cantor debacle. MSM is still trying to frame this as an immigration issue. It is not. It was about the Cantor and Bolling Mafia trying to plow under the grass roots conservatives that make up 3/4’s of the party — and using every dirty trick in the book. Some clown said, ‘Bring it on’ – well the grass roots did. Care to lose any other primaries?

    Hell, wasn’t there a article coming out by the RPV the communicatons director calling folks ‘nativists’ because they want the current laws on the books enforced? These same people should be drummed out of the Republican party according to that same certain somone.

    Maybe the Republican party should realize that the Chamber of Commerce has its snout burried too far in the public coffers and has drifted away from laissez faire Capitalism for its predecessor – Mercantalism – a.k.a. Crony Capitalism. Maybe the likes of the Chamber should realise that this is a poison pill. Just saying.

  3. Corey Stewart is a tax and spend, two faced RINO and is not the type of leadership this county needs, but I give credit where credit is due. His stand on illegals saved this county from becoming a third world piss hole. When his policy of checking immigration status went into effect the flow of illegals into the county dropped off dramatically. I hope whoever takes over as chairman picks up where he left off and continues to challenge the Federal Government on illegal immigration.

    1. Corey’s problem on this issue is that he has politicized it for his own benefit, which has tainted it. Whoever is his successor in office should heed that warning and simply enforce the law and policies without patting himself or herself on the back all the time about it.

  4. The same results could have been achieved had Corey Stewart simply passed the resolution and NOT go on every TV & radio station in the western world to promote HIS agenda. Please, the whole show he put on in 2007 was solely for his self promotion. He trashed PWC’s reputation nationally. We can’t attract the top candidates for local government positions, “big” business wants nothing to do with PWC, our schools are going down the TOILET, our property values are destroyed etc., etc., etc. Last year, when he was running for LG, Corey Stewart suddenly became “Mr. Diversity” preaching tolerance of Hispanics and how he was the only candidate campaigning in Hispanic’s neighborhoods. He attributed Romney’s loss in PW to Romney only campaigning “out west” and not in the eastern end. He also was Mr. Conservative preaching low-taxes and fiscal responsibility. THIS year, he advocates tax increases and irresponsible fiscal positions. And now, he’s back on his soapbox about illegal immigration, witness his spot on WMAL radio and his Washington Times article today. Have to give him credit for his public relations acumen though. He is the absolute best at self-promotion since, gee, Bill & Hillary.

  5. Corey’s position isn’t supposed to be creating jobs. However, doing the redoux on immigration is just ridiculous and not a winning ticket. Has he no concept of demographics in this county and how they have changed?

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