We Told You So About Terry McAuliffe and the Bi-County Parkway…

Surprise, surprise. According to Leesburg Today, Gov. Terry McAuliffe is pushing to get the controversial Bi-County Parkway through:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) said today that he expects the Bi-County Parkway to receive a high priority rating among transportation projects being considered in Northern Virginia.

“We have to open up Dulles airport,” McAuliffe said. “We will have a resolution relatively quickly.”

Don’t say we didn’t tell you this would happen, because we did just that way back on Aug. 16, 2013:

In a complete 180, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe has told the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce that he has in fact taken a stance on the bi-county parkway connecting Prince William and Loudoun counties and is supporting it.

And then again on Aug. 28, 2013:

The Virginia Association of Realtors PAC would not have endorsed Terry McAuliffe if they weren’t certain that he will support the controversial Bi-County Parkway (a.k.a. the Developers Highway) through Manassas Battlefield that will open up a lot of land, particularly in Loudoun County, that has been bought up by residential developers.

Anyone who doubts that McAuliffe didn’t really mean what he said to the Dulles area Chamber of Commerce about supporting the Bi-County Parkway as it currently is mapped out is just deluding themselves.

And finally on Oct. 17, 2013, just before Election Day with the revelation that VDOT was teaming up with McAuliffe politically to go after the opponents of the road.

So much for the “solution” to block this road that the Prince William County Board of Supervisors came up with that the state wouldn’t go forward with building the road if the county restricted themselves from widening Route 234 in the eastern part of the county.

The Board of County Supervisors, in an ill-conceived plan to derail the equally ill-conceived proposed Bi-County Parkway, passed a change to the county’s comprehensive plan restricting Route 234 to 4 lanes. This denies residents much needed future traffic relief and will only serve to clog the roads within Montclair, in particular Waterway Drive.

There was a clear choice last November to make a difference in stopping the Bi-County Parkway, but a majority of voters in PWC opted not to take that into consideration when casting their vote. There’s not much more they can do now…