Frederick versus Stewart ?!?!

Looks like things are coming together for a fight in Prince William County next year. I for one will be hiding in a bunker somewhere. With word that Prince William County Republican Committee Vice Chair D.J Jordan is contemplating a challenge to incumbent Republican Supervisor Marty Nohe in the Coles District of the county, another interesting thing has shown its head.

Who may step up to challenge Board Chairman Corey Stewart? The name is familiar to most: former Delegate Jeff Frederick.

10492231_10152233178028269_641076851457732717_n[1]Jeff Frederick flanked by Virtucon’s Jim Riley (left) and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland (right) at Monday night’s county GOP meeting

It has been rumored on and off that the former Delegate and RPV Chairman has been contemplating a run against Stewart, who has of late fallen out of favor with a certain sect of conservatives due in part to his actions on the budget and clashes with Supervisor Peter Candland (Gainesville) – who is also rumored to be eyeing the Chairman’s seat.  Frederick has a record of winning in Prince William County, consistently carrying large portions of the “blue heavy” eastern end of Prince William County as a delegate and winning the county in a 10 point loss for his 2011 State Senate campaign. He can mount a real challenge to Stewart in both money and name ID, two things that Stewart hold to his advantage every election cycle. If this pans out to be true, this will shape up to be a very expensive and very interesting campaign in Prince William County.

With the potential battle for the nomination for Chairman in the county, along with DJ. Jordan’s rumored challenge to Marty Nohe, Jim Riley’s suggested battle with Maureen Caddigan, and Jeanine Lawson and Scott Jacobs doing duking it out, Prince William County will be the place to look for political junkies to get their fix in 2015.