PWC GOP Sets Nomination Method for Brentsville Dist. Special Election

Monday night at the monthly Prince William County Republican Committee meeting, committee members voted on the method of nomination for the special election that will be held for Brentsville Dist. supervisor when incumbent supervisor Wally Covington’s appointment as a district court judge is finalized.

After an hour or so of debate, the committee settled on a mass meeting to be held on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening two weeks after Covington secures his judgeship. The nominee will only require a plurality to win, meaning just one ballot will be needed to select the party’s standard bearer. The committee made known its preference for Patriot High School to be the location of the meeting given its central location in the Brentsville District, but ultimately left the decision to committee chairman Bill Card in the event Patriot was not available on either of the specified nights. The filing deadline for candidates seeking the seat will be 7 days before the meeting.

Currently, there are only two candidates on the Republican side for the seat – Jeanine Lawson and Scott Jacobs. If it remains that way, the plurality provision for nomination is moot. However, some committee members immediately began mumbling that the plurality requirement, intended to foster participation by voters and speed the process that evening, could open the contest to shenanigans.

At issue is increasingly unpopular county board chairman Corey Stewart who recruited Jacobs to run against Lawson as she would join Stewart-nemesis Gainesville supervisor Pete Candland as a strong reformer on the board of supervisors. The concern is Stewart may recruit one or two other minor candidates to jump in the race in an attempt to siphon votes off from Lawson by running to Jacob’s right, perhaps with backgrounds in education to counter Lawson’s strong support based on that issue. If we see any other candidates with such profiles jumping in this race, we’ll know who is behind it and the reason why.

Lawson is clearly the superior candidate in this race in every way and Virtucon has strongly endorsed her for this position. We urge all voters in the Brentsville Dist. to learn more about Mrs. Lawson because the more you know about her, the more likely you are to support her for supervisor.