Sen. Colgan Announces He Won’t Run in 2015

State Sen. Chuck Colgan has announced he will not seek reelection in 2015. This throws PWC Board Chairman Corey Stewart a political lifeline with the opportunity to run for this seat. He would be smart to grab on to it.

More as it develops.


5 thoughts on “Sen. Colgan Announces He Won’t Run in 2015

  1. Uhh Riley, would you have him just grab that lifeline from Jackson or should they have a duel on Center Street. I say that only because I suspect Del. Miller has his eye on that seat and would likely crush Corey in any primary, convention or mass meeting.

    1. Shhhhhh…. Don’t dispel Stewart’s delusions of grandeur. First we get him to drop his reelect then we beat him in the nomination for the senate seat. Win-win. And if he were somehow to win, he couldn’t do as much damage as only one of 40.

  2. Pure conjecture on my part but I’m not quite convinced Jackson will give up his being in leadership as Majority Whip to be a junior Senator but then again I’m not a political confident of his. You may very well be correct. That said, I think Tom Gordy might also have an interest in running again as he really ran very well in 2011 against Senator Colgan. Bottom line is I think is Corey will come in a distant third in a three way race between Jackson Miller, Tom Gordy and himself. If Corey even intimates he is contemplating running for Senate, he will embolden any potential Chair opponent with more evidence of his disdain for the Chair. Add to Corey’s political resume the latest tax increases he pushed through this spring & his support of the BCP to his performance during his LG campaign and he has a self imposed major defeat. I hope he does run for this seat so we get rid of him as BoCS but he has no chance of winning this unless he is uncontested. Just IMHO…… I say he should run for Michelle Bachman’s seat in the Minnesota 6th.

  3. This is not the first time that Senator Colgan made such an announcement. Many of us believe that Chuck IS, indispensable……………Please re-consider Chuck!!! You want Corey in your seat????!!!

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