The problems with the 7th CD GOP Committee’s appropriation are not resolved

Anyone who looks at the state of the Virginia Republican Party right now has got to be in shock…. I know I am.

Sooooo…. why do political parties exist?

Political parties exist so that people of like goals and principles can join together to elect politicians who will advance those goals and principles.

An essential part of this process, is that we have contested nomination fights where people who share the party’s goals and principles choose a candidate to stand for them in an election.

Sometimes those fights are tough- as they should be.

But once we have a duly elected nominee, that’s it. The party gets behind that nominee. That’s the point of a party.

Shak Hill gave a thunderous speech to get behind the U.S. Senate nominee, Ed Gillespie, as “one team” to defeat Mark Warner. 

Eric Cantor publicly stated last week that he would vote for Dave Brat, even though his loss had to be personally painful. 

Classy, right?

What happened at the 7th CD committee this week is not that.

Nancy Russell, Chair of the Hanover Republican Committee, released a statement that claims that the $300,000 appropriated to the RNC and NRCC will be spent on Virginia candidates.

Wonderful if true, right?

Except, the vote was taken with no assurance or commitment whatsoever by those groups to do that. The question was asked at that meeting and the answer given was that no such commitment existed, according to multiple attendees at that meeting. 

Now, someone did ask, why not give it to RPV… so we could guarantee that the funds could be spent in Virginia to elect Virginia Republicans. 

According to Linwood Cobb, former Chair of the 7th District Committee, the money could not be appropriated to RPV because “RPV is so dysfunctional”. 

More dysfunctional than appropriating 4/5 of the Committee’s money against the wishes of its newly elected Chairman and the nominee they are supposed to elect?

Ultimately, this comes down to egos and hurt feelings and a lot of things that have no place in a political party. Can’t give it to RPV because some have a personal beef with RPV. Can’t let it stay with the committee because the Chair we didn’t vote for is the bogeyman, and because it was raised by the candidate we liked who was just defeated. 

Sour grapes, basically.

If the RNC and NRCC have made such a commitment to spend that money on Virginia, let them publicly say so. Then this decision would make a lot more sense.

Otherwise, this decision should be revisited- and the members of the committee (many of which are friends of mine) should remember what it means to be in a political party in the first place.


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  1. Exactly! Money for Virginia candidates should remain in Virginia. Sending money outside Virginia with the hope that it will come back to Virginia is nonsense.

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