RUMOR: Feds May Relocate Illegal Aliens To Prince William Co. Fairgrounds – UPDATED!

UPDATE:We have been informed by a credible source that 120 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) have already been placed in Prince William Co. over the past month and a half. The Virginia State Board of Social Services, which has sole source contract with Youth For Tomorrow, has been placing these childen in YFT housing facilities in the county. These children are being treated for a variety of maladies at the Greater Prince William Community Health Center, which has been informed that they could see more of these UACs being treated at their facility.

This just came across my Facebook feed and while it remains unconfirmed, this bears watching given recent events across the country. It isn’t just Texas, Arizona and California where they are relocating illegal aliens. They’re in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and there has already been one attempt to locate them in Virginia.

URGENT: Just rumor, but they may be re-locating illegal aliens to Prince William County Fairgrounds. We need to:

1. Stop the internment of people like Democrats did in WWII

2. Defend our community from the tyranny of the obama

3. This may be your day, you up for it? I am

4. Let’s roll

Why would they try to intern them in Prince William Co. the way that they did Japanese-Americans in California during World War II? As has already been written here:

When the kids are apprehended (in reality, willingly surrender) at the border, they aren’t being shipped off to states at random to be housed. They are being sent to states where they have family waiting. That is why the Feds wanted to send kids to the small town of Lawrenceville in rural Southwest Virginia to be housed at the closed St. Paul’s College – their parents and relatives are waiting for them here in Virginia from the last wave of illegal immigration a decade ago when the U.S. economy was booming.

japanese-internment[1]Japanese-American Internment Camp during WWII (Photo from the National Archives)

Prince William Co. was ground zero in Virginia for the debate about illegal aliens nearly a decade ago, so by this logic it would make sense to bring these kids here. Even if their families are no longer in the county, they are most likely nearby.

One also has to wonder if placement of illegal aliens in Prince William Co. might not be a direct slap at County Board Chairman Corey Stewart who has made illegal aliens his political bête noire in his campaigns to cover-up his tax and spend ways and is gearing up to do so again for his 2015 reelection. Later today, Stewart plans on bringing a motion before the board to fund an expensive FOIA lawsuit against the federal government to find out what happened to the illegal aliens the county detained and turned over to ICE. Can you say “publicity whore” boys and girls? I knew you could…



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  1. Help Save Manassas is watching this very closely, working to confirm these rumors and obtain additional information. As of now we cannot confirm these and until there is additional information believe they are not accurate. We urge all residents to remain vigilant, report any information they have to us and we will work to investigate any information as quickly as possible in order to provide timely, reliable and accurate information to the community.

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