The Real War on Women is an Economic One

The labor force participation rate among women, which had grown steadily since the 1950s, began to flatten out under Bill Clinton (no pun intended), and remained fairly steady during the Bush 43 years, including the recession.  However, it has fallen off a cliff under Obama.

The economic well-being of women and their opportunities for employment were much greater under conservative administrations.  We must even give Bill Clinton some credit here.

Obama has been a disaster for the economic well-being of women, and his administration has reversed the positive trend of women’s growing participating in the work force that had been going on for over 50 years until Obama came along. The last time that the labor force participation rate for women stood at 56.8% was October 1988. Basically, Obama has wiped out all the gains that women have made in the workplace since the end of the Reagan administration.



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