Corey Stewart – The Return of the Illegal Immigration Publicity Hound

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Dear James,
Guess who is going to be on Fox & Friends tomorrow?
Tune in bright and early to Fox & Friends at 6:15 am as I discuss Prince William County’s renewed fight with the Federal Government over the disposition of the 7,000+ criminal illegal aliens our law enforcement officers have apprehended and handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
I will also will be on the Laura Ingraham Radio Show at 10:30 am discussing our efforts to protect our community from these dangerous individuals.



Corey Stewart


Paid for by Corey Stewart for Chairman

Yeah, that’s all well and good, but exactly what will the county DO with this information IF they get it from the Federal Government? I get it that, for whatever reason ::cough:: he’s got nothing else to run on ::cough:: Corey wants to find out what happened to the illegal aliens that were apprehended in PWC and turned over to ICE. However, what good is that information to the county and what could they even use it for? No one has really articulated that yet.

The only use I see for gathering this information is to score political points since that information can’t be used by the county to send out the police to round them up or anything. Just how much of our tax dollars are we talking about spending with regard to the FOIA request and possible lawsuit? And exactly to what end? Those are the questions that need to be answered.

I’m not opposed to deporting those individuals who were arrested for committing crimes and then turned over to ICE. I’m not even opposed to finding out whether this is all just a big dog and pony show where ICE is simply sending them on their merry way and are trying to keep us in the dark. This is not, however, something that falls within the ranks of what a county government should be doing.

About the only thing the Board of Supervisors did do right on this yesterday was include a paragraph in the motion that directs Corey to send a letter to members of the county’s congressional delegation since this is really a matter of congressional oversight of ICE.


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  1. And the idiot doesn’t know the County is housing about 120 of these UAC’s right here at the Youth For Tomorrow facility and satellite locations in PWC, right under his nose. I wonder what Laura Ingraham would think knowing hoe she crowed about Corey’s fight against illegals makes him a “Hero”.

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