Why Is Mark Warner Going Negative In July?

Jim Hoeft poses a very interesting question over at Bearing Drift:

Does Mark Warner know something the rest of us don’t yet?

Exactly why would an incumbent U.S. Senator and former Governor go negative on his Republican opponent in July when Warner supposedly has an insurmountable lead? It has been nearly a month since the last poll was released in this race and Warner held a 17% lead, but was barely over 50% – dangerous territory for any incumbent in a volatile election year. As we pointed out before, this race is eerily mirroring the Allen – Webb race of ’06 in terms of the polls.

I suppose that when you don’t have a positive record of your own to run on and you are the rubber stamp 97% of the time for the worst president since World War II, you have no choice but to go negative and that is exactly what Warner is doing.

Its time to dump this empty suit in November.

UPDATE: It was just pointed out to me that the last person to go inexplicably negative like this so early was . . . Eric Cantor. That didn’t end too well for him, nor will it for Warner, either.