Corey Stewart Reaches New Heights in the Art of Beating Dead Horses (and Getting His Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar)

The headline of PWC Board Chairman Corey Stewart’s email yesterday said it all.

Fox & Friends Tomorrow! Again!

The key part of it being “Again!”

When I first heard yesterday that Corey was going to be on Fox & Friends, I thought it was perhaps an old email regarding his appearance on Friday, July 11. Alas, it was not and why the operative word “Again!” was used in the email header.


Dear James,
Guess who is going to be on Fox & Friends tomorrow? Again!
Tune in bright and early to Fox & Friends at 6:15 am, while you are enjoying your Sunday coffee, as I discuss Prince William County’s renewed fight with the Federal Government over the disposition of the 7,000+ criminal illegal aliens our law enforcement officers have apprehended and handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.



Corey Stewart


Paid for by Corey Stewart for Chairman

While I caught Corey’s Friday appearance, I wasn’t motivated enough to wake up for it this morning to find out whether the weekend hosts of Fox & Friends asked Corey about his high dollar donors who are operating facilities in Prince William County where Unaccompanied Alien Children are being housed. From the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County’s blog:

The Sheriff has learned that Chairman Stewart gave permission to Youth for Tomorrow, a taxpayer-funded non-profit serving at-risk youth in Prince William County, to open their doors to house children for Homeland Security that have been flown to Prince William County from Texas and other areas on the southern border.

Secret meetings were held several months ago, and the entire Board of County Supervisors were briefed on the program and asked for their blessing.  Stewart specifically directed that it should not be brought to a vote, but handled quietly.

As the Sheriff stated, one cannot blame the operators of Youth for Tomorrow for engaging in their Christian mission to help children in need regardless of their immigration status. However, if this is true that Corey has known about this for months, gave it his blessing, ordered that it be kept quiet, and then goes out to make political hay out of this on Fox & Friends, then he is toast.


5 thoughts on “Corey Stewart Reaches New Heights in the Art of Beating Dead Horses (and Getting His Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar)

    1. As I noted, that came from the Sheriff. I have since been informed that neither Candland nor Jenkins was aware of this, so in fact all the supervisors did not know – at least not until the past few days.

  1. The focus is on the wrong people , focus should be on the puppet masters not the puppets, though I admit the puppets are entertaining.

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