Scott Jacobs – The Rob Wasinger of Brentsville

Earlier this year, Rob Wasinger ran for the nomination to replace Frank Wolf in Congress and provided us with plenty of unintentional laughs with his poorly run campaign. (Who would have thunk it since he is a ’94 grad of “Harverd” and a “Rebublican.”) He was unheard of inside the district before the race and had to work hard to raise his name id and prove his credibility. To that end, he released a press release with the endorsement of former CRFV state chair, Michael Cogar. While Cogar is a solid well respected activist, the endorsement fell flat as Cogar was also Wasinger’s consultant. When you have to resort to publicizing the endorsement of your own consultant, you have to wonder about the strength of a campaign.

Last week, Scott Jacobs running for Brentsville Supervisor released a similar press release which was picked up by the Bristow Beat. Much like Wasinger, Jacobs was largely unknown in the district until he decided to run for office. The press release touts Jacob’s small business support. The heart of the endorsement is a quote from Gary Desilets, a local business owner, supporting Jacobs and slamming his Republican opponent Jeanine Lawson. However, Gary Desilets is also the father of Joe Desilets the consultant for Scott Jacobs.

When the only person you can get to go on record talking about their support for Jacobs is the consultant’s father, much like Wasinger you have to wonder about the strength of the campaign. Wasinger came in fifth with 2% in April. While Jacobs will do better than that (it is pretty hard to finish lower than second in what is shaping up to be a two person race), we’ll see how well he does on election day when he has such a hard time showing support.


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