Obama: The Talk Remains the Same

The Bumbler in Chief drones on, and on and on.  I was wondering if it always sound the same because after six years of this community activist, I am hitting limit.  Nope.  He really does not have anything new to say.

He never takes responsibility for anything bad, and is first in line for anything good.  My three year old displays the same behavior.  The difference is that I am going to teach my three year old better.  The Bumbler missed his chance to grow up.  Now it is like watching Peter Pan goes to Washington.  The difference is that unlike Mr. Smith,  Bumbles does not have any principles he is willing to go to the mat for.  He has never gone up to the house to discuss with the opposition leadership how to make a compromise.  Reagan faced a 240+ Democrat majority throughout his presidency and won the cold war, and created over 96 straight months of growth right into his successors term.

The former governor of CA cum President got a lot of legislation passed by demonstrating something that bumbles has yet to demonstrate, after six year of misrule … leadership.  He also new how to meet people in the middle, and he did not stab them in the back.

The community organizer has not stopped campaigning in six years.  He has also played 180 rounds of golf.  Reagan was trusted by our allies, and feared by our enemies.  Our allies do not trust Bumbles, and our enemies laugh at him.

We were told by Bumbles would heal the wounds and not represent a blue or red America.  He would represent all Americans.  From the looks of it, the man does not represent anyone but himself.