Obama’s Foregn Policy Disaster

After six years of Obama, 60 years of US foreign policy initiatives lay in ruins. Europe is buckling under the threat of Russia withholding natural gas.  In the Middle East, starting under Nixon and Kissinger the US set about converting Russian client states into American client states. Why? Oil. Oil embargoes and the realization that our economy would be crippled if we did not change the posture of the world’s oil producers in that region from that of hostile stranger’s to sympathetic allies.  Those allies are now returning to the Russian sphere.

BHO-firstStepsToday, from Europe to the Middle East to the Far East the powers do not trust nor respect the United States. The current POTUS has demonstrated a penchant for alienating allies and enabling/encouraging enemies. He has not foggiest clue what to do on the world stage. At this point the mess in the Middle East is so great, no one knows what to do.  It is a mess of Obama’s making.  Foreign policy requires time, effort and a thorough understanding of human nature.  Despite the Media’s insistence, Obama is bereft of all of these qualities.

The Progressive, Neocon vision of using force to right the world’s wrongs is not a sustainable, working policy.  Obama, who ran against this foreign policy vision, embraced it upon taking office. The chief difference is that he executed the vision even more poorly than his predecessor, Bush. To this devils brew add in some sixties flower-power at an inopportune moment and you see allies abandoned on the battle field, and ISIS in control of one third of Iraq.

The Arab Spring was a mirage of the Administration’s own making.  One they believed and followed into the pitiless foreign policy desert – we are now alone on the world stage.  Germany is hostile.  England is aloof.  Mexico is working actively to destabilize our southern border.  Japan is re-militarizing because they do not trust us to help them.  Russia restarted the cold war because there is no down side.  China is openly musing they could beat us in an open war.

From the ridiculous red line in Syria (Neocon) to the destabilization of Egypt (flower power) to the troop killing rules-of-engagement in Afghanistan (more flower-power) this administration has proven itself to be feckless. The only thing consistent about this administration is its inconsistency. The undeclared war in Libya (Neocon), which removed Qaddafi gave the worst possible lesson: get rid of your WMD program and the US will eventually turn on you and take you down. Only an idiot would put any faith in the US as an ally or partner at this point.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Foregn Policy Disaster

  1. I would suggest that the last two President’s foreign policy have been disasters. To focus only on Obama (to be clear, I voted for Romney) diminishes the argument as it looks partisan instead of fair and balanced. Right leaning independent voters are growing weary of this narrow view of how we got here.

    Want my (perhaps “our”) continued support? Be honest in revisiting history, and avoid revising it or omitting key elements. “We” are smart enough to recognize this when it happens, and distrust those who perpetuate this partisan point of view.

    1. Al, to be fair, I don’t see anything in Robert’s piece praising Bush’s foreign policy. In fact, he lumps the progressive and Neocon (i.e., W. Bush) visions of foreign policy together as failures. Bush is gone and our current problems (or disasters) lie with the incumbent. That is what we must deal with at the moment.

      I’ll give Obama credit for accomplishments many thought were impossible. When H.W. Bush (a truly great foreign policy president from whom his son should have sought guidance) left office everyone thought the Soviet Union and Russian Empire were dead and buried. Obama has succeeded in bringing about their resuscitation, and they may soon again be off life support because of our current president’s efforts.

      Feel free to criticize W. Bush’s foreign policy and I’ll probably agree with most of what you say. However, that’s a historical debate. For another two years we must survive the gross incompetence of the clueless president in the White House and his team of foreign policy Keystone Cops.

      For the Obama drones reading this discussion, don’t give me that he got bin Laden. He simply made one correct call in allowing the military to pull the trigger on an effort that took years over his own and W. Bush’s administrations. Even a stopped clock is right twice per day. Watch “Zero Dark Thirty” for that story.

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