PWC Supervisor Candidates Show Their Fundraising Totals

Following is a list of current candidates for the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County and their fundraising totals from Jan. 1 through June 30.


Corey Stewart
Starting Balance: $2,544.22
Raised: $70,051.77
Spent: $9,103.04
Cash On-Hand: $63,492.95

Stewart ramped up his fundraising machine to bring in a decent haul this period and kept his spending down. While $63K+ is a respectable total to have on hand at this point, should Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland jump in the race or a proven monster-fundraiser such as former Del. Jeff Frederick throw his hat in the ring, Stewart will have to do much better than this. Frederick already has $15,451 sitting in his Virginia’s Future PAC that he could tap to kickstart a campaign. In his 2011 race against Toddy Puller, Jeff spent a total of $629,886 and won the PWC part of the district (which is the more Democratic part of PWC), but fell short in Puller’s home territory of Fairfax County.


Jeanine Lawson
Starting Balance: $24,590.27
Raised: $14,257.65
Spent: $15,283.82
Cash On-Hand: $23,564.10

Scott Jacobs
Starting Balance: $0
Raised: $26,319.86
Spent: $17,799.97
Cash On-Hand: $8,519.89

While Jacobs outraised Lawson this quarter, that isn’t surprising given this was his first fundraising reporting period while she was in her second. The more important numbers to look at are the cash burn rates and the final cash on-hand numbers. Jacobs spent 68% of all the money he took in and is behind by nearly a 3-to-1 margin in cash on-hand. That is significant since the special election date has not even been set yet for this seat. While Lawson spent more than she raised this period, the percent of funds available that she spent was somewhat lower than Jacobs at 60%. More importantly, Lawson is showing strong support from individual donors within the district while Jacobs can only point to 4 individual donors who live in the district and gave over the $100 threshold for itemized reporting.


Marty Nohe
Starting Balance: $21,786.96
Raised: $1,000.00
Spent: $590.00
Cash On-Hand: $22,196.96

Nohe’s sole contribution this period was a $1,000 donation from “Covington for Prince William County Board of Supervisors” made on 06/23/2014. Should PWC GOP Vice Chairman DJ Jordan jump in this race with his national GOP fundraising connections, this could make for an interesting (and expensive) contest.


Peter Candland
Starting Balance: $12,287.29
Raised: $21,264.00
Spent: $3,038.10
Cash On-Hand: $30,513.19

Candland has begun ramping up for his next race and has been judicious in his expenditures. This next period and whether he decides to run for reelection or challenge Stewart for Chairman will determine just how much money he will be raising.


John Jenkins
Starting Balance: $47,880.84
Raised: $0
Spent: $2,855.00
Cash On-Hand: $45,025.84

Jenkins either thinks he’s untouchable or is preparing to hang it up. With him, you never know (and he may not, either.)


Mike May
Starting Balance: $43,591.17
Raised: $6,845.00
Spent: $4,481.17
Cash On-Hand: $45,955.00

May added slightly to his overall cash on-hand total during this period, just barely outraising Caddigan in the Potomac District.


Maureen Caddigan
Starting Balance: $20,904.84
Raised: $6,348.74
Spent: $2,971.43
Cash On-Hand: $24,282.15

While never a prolific fundraiser, Caddigan managed to secure just 10 contributions of $100 or more that were itemized. Two of them were from her employees in her supervisor’s office while a third was her husband who lists as his occupation that he is her campaign Treasurer. This number would look even worse if it weren’t for Nohe, Principi and Jenkins who basically didn’t do any fundraising.


Frank Principi
Starting Balance: $6,236.74
Raised: $100
Spent: $1,099.80
Cash On-Hand: $5,236.94

This is simply horrible on all counts. Principi must think that the Democratic-tilt of his district will carry him. A well-funded GOPer or a likable Democrat could certainly give him some real problems.


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  1. Oh please run against Marty Nohe, DJ Jordan save the residents of Coles District from this weasel, we know he won the favorite public official in INSIDE NOVA’s survey but we also know he won it by getting his friends to take the survey no one in Coles District likes this guy.

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