28% of women in DC are denied basic care by the wives of Eric Holder and John Foust

John Foust’s hypocrisy was highlighted last week with the revelation that his wife’s OB/GYN firm refuses to accept patients who are on Medicaid.

Dr. Marilyn Jerome, wife of Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 10th District of Virginia John Foust, heads up Women for Foust and routinely joins in the campaign’s push for the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare:

Dr. Jerome claims that her husband is a better candidate because he will never get between a woman and her doctor. “As an OBGYN,” Foust attacks his Republican opponent Barbara Comstock for opposing Medicaid expansion. Failure to expand Medicaid to rural hospitals could be “devastating,” he says.

But what about the needs of urban women?

Dr. Jerome and Dr. Sharon Malone, wife of Attorney General Eric Holder, both practice at Foxhall Ob-Gyn Associates, a firm that does not accept patients on Medicaid.

In the District of Columbia alone, 28% of all women under the age of 64 are on Medicaid (as of 2012). This is tied for first in the nation with Vermont. Nearly 90,000 women are refused basic care by Drs. Jerome and Malone and the rest of Foxhall Ob-Gyn Associates.

And for those who aren’t on Medicaid, good luck getting a morning appointment if you’re not “important”.

Kinda hard for John Foust to campaign on the coverage gap when there is a very real CARE GAP in his own family.


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  1. “Democrats use political bait-and-switch to smear Comstock” The Dems have already gone negative and it’s not even August. They must be desperate.

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